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Re: Problem building gcc with C and Ada support for target powerpc-eabispe


There are 2 issues, you have to build a bare metal compiler and you're
trying to build a compiler with full runtime. The current released
sources cannot build a bare metal compiler. This is a problem that has
finally been fixed in the recent trunk. You can grab the patch from my
project here:

But again, you need to compile using the instructions in

You can grab ppc-elf compiler from I
don't know is this is enough for you. There is no runtime there, it's
not difficult to add a bare metal one. The basics of what you need can
be found here:,
although these are older versions of FSF sources.


On 21/01/15 11:56, LABARTHE Guillaume wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to build gcc 4.7.3 with C and Ada support for target
> powerpc-eabispe.
> I am using gcc-4.8.1 with gnat installed on a linux host.
> The problem I am facing is that when linking gnat1 I get undefined
> reference errors regarding symbols like
> __gnat_rcheck_CE_Explicit_Raise.
> I also trie to build a native gcc 4.7.3 with support for C and Ada but
> got the exact same result.
> Here is the configuration I am using :
> ../configure --prefix=/home/glabarthe/gcc/install
> --target=powerpc-eabispe --enable-languages=c,ada --disable-boostrap
> Does anyone already saw that kind of error ?
> Best regards.
> Guillaume.

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