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Re: problems with optimisation

David Brown wrote:
> With -Os, the compiler will obey normal "inline" directives (at least,
> that is my experience when compiling C on the avr - I have not tried C++
> much on it).  It won't do any automatic extra inlining, except for
> static functions that are only used once - which are always inlined as
> this saves space.  Again, I don't know how that plays with template
> functions or other C++ features.
> As far as I know, gcc uses weighting heuristics to decide whether to do
> something the rcall you mentioned above, compared to using the inlined
> code directly.  It is certainly not impossible that the weightings are
> not optimal here.
> There is currently very little use of C++ with avr-gcc.  The avr port
> maintainers and the avrlibc developers have little experience with C++,
> and feel they have enough to do with just the C support.  But there are
> a few people on the avr-gcc mailing list that work with C++, and it is
> certainly worth posting there too - they may be able to give suggestions.
> <>
> mvh.,
> David

I see, thx, I'll try there

MichaÅ Walenciak kicer86
gg: 3729519

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