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GCov showing closing braces as not executed between gcc 4.4.4 and 4.6.3


The output from gcov (compiled with -g, no optimization) shows some closing braces as not being highlighted - I've put together a minimal testcase (attached), and testing this with the other versions of gcc I have access to, it appears to have been introduced in 4.4.4, and resolved sometime before 4.6.3. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on 4.4.5 for at least the next year, so I can't simply switch to a later release to get the fix. I searched through all of the release notes for gcc since 4.4, and had a look at the bugs fixed in each release in Bugzilla, but I'm afraid nothing leaps out at me as being the culprit.

I actually used to see this exact same behavior in 4.4.3 and prior iff the code was compiled with -O, so I'm wondering if maybe some optimization flag was turned on by default in 4.4.4, and then reverted sometime before 4.6.3 (in which case, hopefully I can work around it by supplying a flag to gcc)?

I'd appreciate any help in narrowing down the culprit to a particular bug report - if it's minor enough, it may be something I can have integrated into our 4.4.5 builds. Minimally, at least I'll know in which release this is fixed.

The testcase is fairly straightforward - simply unzip and type 'make', and it will compile the test with '-g --coverage', run the exe, run gcov on one of the source files, and cat the output from gcov. The problem is the closing brace in the constructor:

        1:    5:SubClass::SubClass()
        -:    6:{
        -:    7:    // Certain calls within this function result in gcov
        -:    8:    // reporting the line with the closing brace for this
        -:    9:    // function as not executed ('#####'). The first two
        -:   10:    // exhibit the problem, the other two do not.
        -:   11:
        -:   12:    // (Problem) Call static member of another class
        -:   13: //UnrelatedClass::unrelatedTestFunction();
        -:   14:    // (Problem) Call superclass member function
        1:   15:    superTestFunction();
        -:   16:    // (Ok) Call member of this class
        -:   17:    // subTestFunction();
        -:   18:    // (Ok) Call plain ol' C function
        -:   19:    // rand();
#####:   20:}

It isn't always a problem - calling a member defined within the same class (ie. not inherited from a superclass) is fine, as is calling a non-member C function like rand(). Calling a member of another class, however - even if it's a superclass of the current class - exhibits the problem. In the releases I've tested which don't exhibit this bug, this line shows as executed with the same count as the other lines in the same function.

Any information on this would be very much appreciated :)

Best regards,

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