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Re: gcov not generating .gcda file

Hey Herb,

sorry for the late response.

I do get .gcno files.

Right, these files get generated by the compiler if you specify the -ftest-coverage option (or the --coverage option). The *.gcno files will the be used to calcuate the program coverage by gcov.

Is theer some sort of a log file some where that may give me an idea what is happening?

I shortly checked the code of libgcov.a and I could not find any log entries. So, if you really want to debug the libgcov.a (which gets linked into your app whenever you build with -fprofile-arcs) you would apparently have to modify the code of libgcov.a.

But, while playing around with the -fprofile-arcs and -ftest-coverage options, I realized that the *.gcda don't necessarily get created in your current work directory. The file path for the *.gcda file gets included hard-coded as absolute file name into the executable.

For example, taking this sample test program 'test.exe', you could display the file paths by using:

# strings test.exe | grep gcda

I don't want to say that this is the solution for your problem, but maybe you looked in the wrong directories?

Unfortunately, I can't find any option which tells gcc to write a relative path into the exectuable, but I would say it should be quite easy to add a patch for that (assuming this solves your problem)

I hope that helps,

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