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Re : ipa-cp drawback

I just need an example to understant the pb. 
after that I will test with the current IPA CP implementetion
Thank you

----- Message d'origine ----
De : Ian Lance Taylor <>
À : charfi asma <>
Cc :
Envoyé le : Mer 21 avril 2010, 16 h 54 min 00 s
Objet : Re: ipa-cp drawback

charfi asma <> writes:

> I have question concernais the constant propagation drawbacks.
> I
> red in one of the GCC summit paper that Constant propagation is limited
> to create at most one clone of each function body and only in the case:
> - the operand is the same constant in all calls to the function 
> - the operand would not be propagated without cloning because function might be called externally
> This makes the interaction with the inliner suboptimal
> Could  so explain more this idea? did this  means that ipa-cp will produce only one version of a calle function? 
> Could so  please give me an example that shows this drawbak? 

I think that the implementation of IPA CP has been improved since that
paper was written.


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