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Re: System wide and user specific include and lib directories

Peng Yu <> writes:

> Suppose I'm going to compile a software from source, which dependents
> on some libraries and include files. However, the libraries and
> include files in my system is old. Then I install the new libraries
> and include files in my home directory.
> But the makefile of the package will still look for the old libraries
> and include files. To make the package using the new libraries and
> include files, I may change the makefile of the package. But I don't
> want to change anything in the package, because it might be a
> nightmare to do so.

Tell the package that your shell script is the compiler that it should
use.  If you can't do anything else, create a new directory, put your
shell script there named "gcc", and put that directory at the start of
your PATH.

> Therefore, I'm looking for a user level configuration so that I can
> specify what libraries and include files to use besides system
> defaults.

There is no such user level configuration file.  You can adjust the
gcc specs file, but that will change all uses of gcc on the system.
Fiddling with the specs file is not really supported, but it is


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