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Re: Missing warning about uninitialized variable.

Agreed, it was just the fastet example I could come up with, not even claiming it might have any usability - considerable you might use enums sometimes, to help the compiler, to check that only certain values for a variable are 'valid'. formal verification is a completely different topic.
I thought of it as a rather simplistic example where leaving a variable in certain cases unitialized is not really an error in the program's logic and thus have a compiler produce an error might be unwanted/unexpected behavior.



Tom St Denis schrieb:
Sven Eschenberg wrote:
Bailing out with an error could be perfectly unreasonable.

Ideally you should use -Werror and/or perform parameter checking. a 2 mod 3 number of parameters may be "invalid" but if you don't actually act on it your program cannot be verified.

Granted I never use -Werror as I don't care about a lot of the minor violations (.e.g. passing a long to %d in a homebrew behind the scenes test program).


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