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Re: Installation Problem

Tom Browder wrote:
On Nov 27, 2007 1:30 PM, Joseph Maxwell <> wrote:
In the event of a double post, plz. forgive my mail daemon reported a
failure previously

First you should answer Eljay's questions because we can't read your mind nor your past actions in this affair. Tim is trying to get past the known problem areas from people not exactly following instructions for building gcc.

Thanks Tom. It is not so much what is said, but how someone says it. Your reply made so much difference, I am now re-looking my whole download, initial setup, installation etc. The problem exists somewhere there and I think I'll find it. Although it may be in the SGI's binary package installation.

Have you successfully built gcc on this host before
Yes I did many years ago, but just a one time installation, 'did not an expert make. Many disk changes etc. in the interim caused many archetectural features to go unobserved, especially the 'gas' 'as' nuance where the problem exist, I think. Even after reading the log, it did not appear very obvious. It was not until I was searching the disk that I found traces of an obsolete mips compiler with an 'as' that the lights went on.
Can you post your configure options?
I was using it with default settings - no options
Can you execute as from the command line?

If you can execute as and gcc from the command line, report results of
the following:

which gcc

which as
Indeterminate, reinstalling with the version in the binutils-2.18 distro

Tom Browder
Niceville, Florida

I think I'll get it
Thanks again and my apologies for the confusion

PS: Perhaps the log could be re-written so that the naive or uninitiated do not misconstrue the 'as' as an adjective rather than a noun, despite the quotes.

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