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Re: Debugging gcc-compiled programs on Windows

Jim Marshall a écrit :
Andrew Smith wrote:

I just finished porting a GTK (pure C) app to Windows, but there is some weird bug, that I need a debugger to find.

Im using mingw to build it. There is a gdb package for mingw, but that doesn't work - when I press ctrl-c gdb quits, so since I'm not getting crashes the utility of it is.. not there.

Is it possible to compile programs using gcc on windows so that the visual studio debugger will be able to load the symbols for it?

Or is there some way to attach any debugger to a such a program and break execution while it's running?



What version of GDB are you using? I've used mingw GDB 6.6 on Windows without problems.

insight-6.6-mingw.tar.bz2 from the mingw sourceforge page. Is there a better version for me?

You could always start your program and then start GDB and then attach to the process (use the tasklist command line tool to get the PID - tasklist is a MS tool that ships with XP Pro and the server products).

Yeah, that's what I've been doing, but how do I break the execution of the program so I can input commands to gdb? If I press ctrl-c either nothing happens, or gdb quits (depending on how I started it).

I would appreciate some instructions, I may be missing some fundamentals in my understanding of how to use gdb.

In the past what I've done to get to the gdb prompt while attached to a process is to type ctrl-c, but on windows that doesn't seem to work.

I appreciate your time,


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