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gcc bootstrap details

Dear developers,

I extensively searched Internet to find correct information about
bootstrap prosess in building gcc, but information is fully
contradictional and no any notes from developers. This is very strange.

My problem is how to update gcc on some Gentoo Linux boxes and update
system itself after gcc update. Currently I'm coming to full mess after
some upgrades, where old and new directories and links trying coexist and
some packages refuse to install from sources (as Gentoo was designed). As
I was taught by Gentoo Docs, gcc update is complicated process, involving
toolchain update. So, question of right order of compilation arise. system
libs, gcc and some tools, needed to compile gcc, must be recompiled too.
Gentoo appeared not to go into all details. So I came to "Linux from
Scratch" Project. I wonder why they also don't have clear docs about
internal rules for making gcc. Again no gcc developers comments there.

Can you direct me to the right doc, describing 3 gcc passes during make in
more details to have guide lines for further system update, based on gcc
update. I understand, that all information is in Makefile, but it's not
good palce to learn about gcc :)

Best regards, Eugene.

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