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build error -- can not find operator new

Hello everyone,

I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 with gcc version 3.4.5. Here is my issue,

1. I have a shared library called wirtten in C++ and has C interface (extern C wrapper);
2. I have another shared called, which is written in C and is dependent on, and I am using -lA to build shared library and it is successful;
3. I have an application called C, which is written in C and is dependent on shared library, and when using -lB -lA to build the application C, here are the link error messages,

.// undefined reference to `operator new[](unsigned int)
.// undefined reference to `operator delete(void*)
.// undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0

For the whole process, I am using gcc other than g++. And I am wondering how to solve this issue in step 3?

I think we are able to build C application with dependent C++ shared library, right?

thanks in advance,

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