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Re: GCJ Version compatibility

On 11/1/07, David Daney <> wrote:
> >>> Do you happen to know, then, what the java compatibility is with GCC
> >>> 4.2.2, the current stable release?
> >> More or less 1.4.
> >>
> >> With GCJ, you really have to try it and see if it will work for your
> >> specific requirements.  It is not tested with any compatibility
> >> testsuite, so we don't certify that it fully implements anything.
> >
> > Will you do that in the future?
> Probably not by me personally.  I only do the minimum necessary to
> support my requirements.

Fair enough.

> > There are defined java
> > specifications, like with any other language.  I would expect some
> > sort of ability to say that "Version X meets the specifications for
> > Java Y."
> Patches are always welcome.

If only I was that skilled!

> > For now, the only thing we really need from 1.5 is enumeration
> > support.  Other than that, 1.4 should work.
> Then I would recommend either using the toolchain that is part of Fedora
> Core , or GCC-4.3 which will be officially released in the next couple
> of months if we are lucky.

Our underlying system is based off of RedHat Enterprise Linux.  It has
version 4.0.1 or 4.0.3 (not sure which) installed.  I have been
pushing for a newer version -- perhaps I can just use an RPM from FC7?
 My current idea was just to d/l 4.2.2 and compile it locally.

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