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Re: GCJ Version compatibility

NightStrike wrote:
On 11/1/07, David Daney <> wrote:
NightStrike wrote:
On 11/1/07, David Daney <> wrote:
Andrew Haley wrote:
NightStrike writes:
 > What version of Java is the latest release of GCJ compatible with?
 > For instance, Java 1.5 adds enumeration support.  Does gcj support
 > Java 1.5?

It is intended to be compatible with that version of the Java
specification, yes.  However it hasn't officially been tested for Java
1.5 compatiblity.

This is only true if you consider the 'latest release' to be the
currently unreleased 4.3.

The 1.5 features are available starting in the as yet unreleased version
Do you happen to know, then, what the java compatibility is with GCC
4.2.2, the current stable release?
More or less 1.4.

With GCJ, you really have to try it and see if it will work for your
specific requirements.  It is not tested with any compatibility
testsuite, so we don't certify that it fully implements anything.

Will you do that in the future?

Probably not by me personally. I only do the minimum necessary to support my requirements.

There are defined java
specifications, like with any other language.  I would expect some
sort of ability to say that "Version X meets the specifications for
Java Y."

Patches are always welcome.

For now, the only thing we really need from 1.5 is enumeration support. Other than that, 1.4 should work.

Then I would recommend either using the toolchain that is part of Fedora Core , or GCC-4.3 which will be officially released in the next couple of months if we are lucky.

David Daney

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