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Re: Gcc+binutils+libc cross-compiling: path to malformed in "ld".

Kaz Kylheku wrote:
GCC is version 4.1.1
Binutils 2.17
Glibc is CVS head.

When configuring gcc, I used --with-sysroot=/path/to/sysroot,
where glibc is installed under usr/. The header files are
found correctly.
What about the binutils, was the same '--with-sysroot='
given in their configure?

Finding the headers happens with the built-in 'cpp' in the
'cc1', 'cc1plus' etc. real compilers, so only the GCC config
options will have any influence to this.

When the linker is invoked, it is given

Maybe this option is aimed for a 'ld' which was NOT configured
using the '--with-sysroot='...
The linker resolves  -lc  to the absolute name
/path/to/sysroot/usr/lib/ But then it catenates that
to the sysroot, resulting in

/path/to/sysroot/path/to/sysroot/usr/lib/ which is nonsense.

I can see using strace that it's actually trying to access that path.
And so it dies with "cannot find /path/to/sysroot/lib/
inside /path/to/sysroot".

So, what's the /right/ way to coordinate the location of the
target headers and libraries between gcc and binutils when
My guess after seeing this "behaviour" would be to NOT use the
'--with-sysroot=' in the binutils configure with the newer binutils like
the '2.17'....  The GCC configured with it then giving that necessary
'--sysroot=/path/to/sysroot' to the linker. And the older GCCs which
didn't have the '--with-sysroot=' of course not giving that...

Meanwhile any binutils configured using '--with-sysroot=', would add
the necessary 'offsets' automatically, so also the older GCCs could be
capable to use the 'sysroot'ed C library...

I myself haven't used the '--with-sysroot=', only made symlinks like :

    $prefix/$target/include  ->  $sysroot/usr/include
    $prefix/$target/lib  ->  $sysroot/usr/lib

because the 'usr/lib' already has symlinks to '../../lib' for the majority
of its shared '.so' files, only symlinks to the '../../lib/' and to the
'../../' (or '../../lib/' or something) must be manually
added just as editing the '' script to not have any absolute paths
in its ' libc_nonshared.a' or something GROUP row... This has
been the "right" way for me because of using GCCs BEFORE the new
'--with-sysroot=' appeared, and still having those pre-gcc-3.3.3 or what
was the GCC version where this option appeared... The Robert Heinlein's
"By-Law of Time": "If At Last You Do Succeed, Never Try Again", which
is so common among the most crosscompiler builders - they really seem
to build their crosscompilers only once, or if being obliged to do that
again, then starting everything from scratch again - is not understood
by me :-(

Using 5 or so GCC versions with the same $target binutils in $prefix/bin
and in $prefix/$target/bin, would cause me problems if trying to use the
'--with-sysroot'... So things are easier with using only the idea, not really
using the full implementation...

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