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Re: Problem using gcc with gcov

>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Sidwell <> writes:

    Nathan> Nath, Alok (STSD) wrote:
    >>>> /usr/bin/ld: ../../../../../debug_rhel3_64/bin/findsepia:
    >>>> hidden symbol '__bb_init_func' in
    >> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/x86_64-redhat-linux/3.2.3/libgcc.a(_bb.oS) is
    >> refer
    >>>> enced by DSO collect2: ld returned 1 exit status gmake[4]:
    >>>> *** [../../../../../debug_rhel3_64/bin/findsepia] Error 1
    >>>> gmake[3]: *** [dep] Error 2 gmake[2]: *** [findsepia.subdir]
    >>>> Error 2 gmake[1]: *** [tools.subdir] Error 2 make: ***
    >>>> [../../parts/sepia.subdir] Error 2

    Nathan> A shared library bug has recently been fixed.

    Nathan> is this the same?

It certainly doesn't look like it -- the bug you referred to describes
a segfault when the profiled program runs, but Alok is complaining
about an inability to link the profiled program in the first place.

I too would love to be able to profile shared libraries, and have
given up because of this very problem.

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to date without talking.
        -- Roger Ebert

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