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Re: bits/fpos.h missing?

On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 03:47:04AM -0700, phongphop Mongkolpiyathana wrote:
> Hi all,

Hello phongphop,

> g++-3.4.0 -I../../c++-lib/inc -I../.. -I./ -I../src
> -O2 -Wall -DSTDC_HEADERS -fPIC -Wswitch -DLinux -c -o
> rfc1155-smi.o rfc1155-smi.cpp
> In file included from ../../c++-lib/inc/asn-incl.h:21,
> from rfc1155-smi.h:12,
> from rfc1155-smi.cpp:9:
> ../../c++-lib/inc/asn-chartraits.h:5:42: bits/fpos.h:
> No such file or directory

bits/fpos.h is (or better was) an internal header file and one shouldn't
attempt to use it directly (as it may as well disappear one day ;).

I'd say you should just edit ../../c++-lib/inc/asn-chartraits.h and change
line 5 from

#include <bits/fpos.h>


#include <ios>

That should take care of it. If you can report this issue to the author(s)
of the program. But, as I just realized esnacc does require a specific
version of GCC (3.1). ./configure (with gcc-3.4) prints:

checking "Checking GNU compiler version"... 
configure: WARNING: ***** WARNING ***** Incorrect version of GNU - Should be version 3.1

Hm. (yada, yada, yada...)

OK. I just confirmed it (downloaded esnacc, tried to compile, edited the
source line): inclusion of "ios" does fix the issue but there are a lot more.

-fpermissive might help a little. But you're probably better off just
installing / using GCC 3.1.


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