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Fresh install of GCC?

I'm setting up a Linux box (Red Hat 8), and I'd like to use the latest
version of GCC/GNU MAKE rather than the version that comes on the install
CDs.  I've tried a couple ways to do this, but haven't had any success.
The first thing I tried was installing RH8 as normal, then I downloaded the
source for the latest GCC, and built/installed the new version on top on the
already installed compiler.  With this setup, not only was I not able to
compile any new programs, most of my installed software (including
X-Windows) failed to run at all.
I formatted the thing and went on to plan B.  This time, I didn't install
any development tools going through the Red Hat installer, thinking that I
would set up GCC without an older version to conflict with. Problem: it
seems MAKE and GCC are required to build GCC, and GCC is necessary to create
MAKE.  As such, I was stuck with no way to even compile GCC, let alone test
So now I'm asking the folks who know more about this stuff than I do.
Personally, I would prefer to do something along the line of my plan B:
install GCC/MAKE without any conflicting with previous versions.  I've seen
mention of "cross compilers" on a few sites i found Googling, but I have no
idea what those are or what to do with them.  What's the best way to get the
latest GCC on a system with no development tools? And, looking ahead, once I
have this set up, what's the best way to upgrade my compiler without
screwing up existing software?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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