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RE: Need help in installing Base64

Is cc a version of GCC, or is it Sun's WorkShop or Forte compiler, or
something else?  (For example, what do you get if you run 'cc -v'?)
-KPIC is for WorkShop or Forte, so GCC won't recognize it.  If Perl was
not built with GCC, then a lot of the options that it provides for
building your modules will be wrong if you're now using GCC.  You should
try to use the same compiler to build your module as was used to build
Perl.  Have you successfully built other Perl modules on this machine?


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Behalf Of martin louis
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 2:12 PM
Subject: Need help in installing Base64


I am trying to install a perl module Base64 on Solaris
machine. But, the cc command is not producing the
object file as needed for the next step.

Here is the text of the complete error

Please help.

bash-2.03$ make
cc -c   -xO3 -xdepend     -DVERSION=\"3.01\" 
-DXS_VERSION=\"3.01\" -KPIC -I/usr
/perl5/5.00503/sun4-solaris/CORE  Base64.c
cc: unrecognized option `-KPIC'
cc: language depend not recognized
cc: Base64.c: linker input file unused since linking
not done
Running Mkbootstrap for MIME::Base64 ()
chmod 644
LD_RUN_PATH="" cc -o
blib/arch/auto/MIME/Base64/  -G Base64.o
cc: Base64.o: No such file or directory
cc: No input files
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target

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