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Re: isalnum not declared CODE

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 03:49:18AM -0500, Nikolai Nezlobin wrote:
> Dear All,

Hello Nikolai,
> This is the short version of the code that produces the isalnum error.  The
> files (agstring.h, CType.h,, makefile, makefile.common) and two
> error messages (for the short code and for the whole project) are below.
> All files, except for makefile.common, were in /mnt/hdb1/Sour/CType. The
> line top=/mnt/hdb1/Sour in makefile reflects this. You will need to change
> the top= if you try to compile the code.
> makefile.common was kept one level upper (in /mnt/hdb1/Sour)

The code you've posted works for me (albeit it would've been probably easier/better
if you just had attached a tarball so that one wouldn't need to fiddle with
the (badly formatted) "code text").

It did compile with GCC 3.2.3 and GCC 3.4 (both directly downloaded from a GNU mirror; 
i.e. no additional patches) and Redhat's GCC 2.96 on RH7.3 (installed from a RPM).

Either your distribution (it seems you're running a Slackware system and I don't have
any experience/knowledge about Slackware) has added a few patches and thereby 
unfortunately some bugs creeped in OR (what I suspect) something else gets in the
way before the right header is included (you don't have by chance a file named "ctype.h"
lying around somewhere in your source dir?). OR it's something completely different...

You can just run your code trough the C pre processor:

g++ -E > main.ii

Then, have a look at the main.ii file. 
Does it contain references to /usr/include/ctype.h? E.g:

# 1 "/usr/include/ctype.h" 1 3

If it does, is there some code which reads

extern int isalnum (int) throw ();


It should be there. Usually. ;-) 

Maybe you can try upgrading your compiler? I mean, GCC 3.2.3 is already a bit


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