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Re: isalnum not declared

"Nikolai Nezlobin" <> writes:

> Hi Ken,
> gcc in my installation does not see iostream.h and other files.  But when
> this project was compiled three years ago, g++ was used.

I am sorry, your description has me completely confused. Note, when
    compiling, 'gcc' cannot correctly link c++ code; you must use
    'g++' - so 'gcc' and 'g++' are two different beasts, even though
    they come in the same package (which as a whole is called 'GCC').

'does not see iostream.h' could mean any number of things:

    (a) The code:
        #include <iostream.h>
        results in an error such as: iostream.h: No such file or directory

        This usually means GCC is incorrectly or incompletely
        installed. One possibility is that only the C compiler ('gcc')
        was installed, and the C++ compiler ('g++') was not.

    (b) code such as:


        int main()
            cout << "Hello world!" << endl;
        results in errors such as: error: 'cout' was not declared in this scope

        This is becuase C++ 1998 requires cout and endl be called
        'std::cout' and 'std::endl', or that a proper using directives
        such as 'using namespace std;' be used.

    (c) any number of other things.

If you can, please include a short-but-complete code example, which is
    sufficient to cause the problem, and paste (do not summarize) the
    error messages you get.

> Extern C {} might
> solve the problem,


Why do you think extern "C" {} has anything to do with your problem? 

> but the project was compiled in 2000 (I have the
> executable file), thus I would really prefer to avoid code modifications (I
> am a physicist, not a programmer).

Did your existing executable suddenly stop working? If it didn't, and
    you aren't a programmer, why are you trying to recompile it?
    (There is nothing wrong with non-programmers recompiling code, but
    when it does not compile, they usually lack the vocabulary and /
    or concepts necessary to describe the problems encountered, or to
    apply the suggestions of people (invariably programmers) trying to

> cctype is supposed to see what it is using, isn't it?  Could the paths be
> set incorrectly in my installation, based on this discussion?

Unfortunately, that webmail archive seems to think (wrongly) the message you
    link to starts the thread. I found more of it:
    but I could not find the begining of the thread.

In all the messages I read, there are only error messages; there are
    no code examples, so I can't figure out what is going wrong.

What relation does your problem have to thread? Are you one of the
    participants in the thread? Are you trying to compile the same

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