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Re: " Error" when compiling gcc 3.4 for aix 5.2

Hi Eljay

Thanks for your reply.

I am running the gcc configure program in a subdirectory that is not part of the gcc-3.4.0 source directory

my directory structure is like that

- gcc source directory

- gcc install directory

- gcc build directory

and the configuration command is like that

../gcc-3.4.0/configure --prefix=$PREFIX_DIR --enable-altivec --enable-languages=c,c++

so, the problem seems to be not related with the file structure

Any other comment is welcome

thanks for your help

Mauricio Alvarez

Eljay Love-Jensen wrote:
Hi Mauricio,

It appears that you are running configure in a subdirectory of your expanded GCC 3.4.0 source.

I believe that situation is not supported.

Run configure -- and the location of all the intermediate files -- in a peer directory instead:
mkdir build
cd build
../gcc3.4.0/configure yada-yada-yada


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