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Build Problems with HP-UX 32

2 issues please ...
1.  I have been using GDB 4.16 on a HP-UX 32bit machine and found out while debugging that GDB will only allow a max of 99 defined local variables to be printed and seen on the screen at a time.  When I go beyond the 99 number limit, the debugger seems to only print out the remaing variables, minus the 99 previous ones defined above.  The problem is that I am working with many pre-designed functions that will also have this problem ... so it would be time consuming to move variables around so that the limit is not reached for every function.  I have not found a short term solution for this problem on GDB 4.16 other than looking at the source code.
2. I recently downloaded GDB 5.0 on the same machine.  When I go to build, I get the following error ... /opt/ansic/bin/cc -Ae +DA1.1 -c -g -D__HP_CURSES -DSEEK_64_BITS  cpp: "/usr/include/curses.h", error 4036: Can't open include file '../old/usr/include/curses.h'
I do not have an /old directory so I will not be able to find the curses.h file as well.  Within the /usr/include/curses.h file the following condition is true ... 
#if defined(__HP_CURSES) && !defined(__LP64__)
#include <../old/usr/include/curses.h>
#else ...
Does this have to do with the fact that I am not running on a 64 bit machine?

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