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Re: moving gcc 2.95 from the path where it is installed

Thanks Eljay for answering so quickly.

Actually the pathes where gcc 2.95 is installed and where
it could be copied are not standards (/usr),
and they are not the same. Maybe this is the problem.

I cannot avoid this because I'm delivering a software package
and I'm chipping both gcc 2.95 and gcc .3.3 inside it. So the user
can install the package and therefore the gccs anywhere.

But I'm wondering why the same approach works for gcc 3.3
and not with gcc 2.95.3.


Eljay Love-Jensen wrote:

Hi Houssem,

GCC 2.95.3 works for me. I compiled it on one machine, and moved it to another machine.

Have to make sure the paths are exactly the same, of course. I presume that your paths are the exactly same.

Did you make sure you've copied ALL the files? The ones from binutils too.

Caveat: GCC on SunOS / Solaris is very sensitive to the patch level. If you patch the machine, you should rebuild GCC. Seriously. Patches can change the /usr/include/... files, which GCC sometimes caches modified versions of those header files. When they become out of sync, antics and hilarity ensue... er, umm, I mean... frustrating and tricky debugging sessions ensue.

Follow up caveat: if you build GCC on one machine, and copy it over to another machine... make sure they are at the same patch level.


Houssem BDIOUI
System Level Design Engineer
OCCS - CMG Design - CMG
STMicroelectronics Tunis
phone: +216 71 857 750 (office 132)
mobile: +216 97 422 487

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