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Using gcc

I'm totaly new to c programming, I'm using Red Hat 7.2. Recently I got 
the book "Practical C Programming" by Steve Oualline (O'Reilly). In Ch-2 
a simple Hello World program is described,
[File: hello/hello.c]
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   printf("Hello World\n");

The file is saved as hello.c

, following are the instructions for compiling from the command line:
   gcc -g -Wall -ohello hello.c

The sample fails to compile, unstead I get the following Messages:
hello.c:1: parse error before '['
In file included from usr/include/bits/types.h:143,
                         from usr/include/stdio.h:36,
                         from hello.c:2:
usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h:48: parse error before 'size_t'
usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h:48: warning: no semicolon at end  of 
structure union
usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h:51: parse error before '__stacksize'
usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h:51: warning: data definition has no type 
or storage class
usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h:52: warning: data definition has no type 
or storage class
In file included from usr/include/_G_config.h:44;
                         from usr/include/libio.h:32,
                         from usr/include/stdio.h:65,
                         from hello.c:2:
usr/include/gconv.h:72: parse error before 'size_t'
usr/include/gconv.h:85: parse error before 'size_t'
usr/include/gconv.h:94: parse error before 'size_t'
usr/include/gconv.h:170: parse error before 'size_t'
usr/include/gconv.h:170: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
usr/include/gconv.h:173: parse error before '}'
usr/include/gconv.h:173: warning: data definition has no type or storage 
In file included from usr/include/libio.h:32,
                         from usr/include/libio.h:65,
                         from hello.c:2:
usr/include/_G_config.h:47: field '__cd' has incomplete type
usr/include/_G_config.h:50: field '__cd' has incomplete type
usr/include/_G_config.h:53: confused by earlier errors, bailing out

So it seems impossible to compile this simple programm. Whatis wrong?

Any help in this respect will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Francisco Mendez.

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