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"undefined reference to 'atexit@@GLIBC_2.0'"

I saw a few mentions of this in the archives, but no real solution.  
Here is my story:

I started with Redhat 6.1, and installed glibc-2.2.2, because 
some program said I needed it.  After having a lot of problems,
it seemed to work ok.  Then I installed gcc-3.0.  It seemed to
work fine.  Unfortunately, I installed glibc under /usr instead
of /usr/local, because I didn't read through all the docs before
installing it.  Now, I have installed gcc-3.0.4.  It seems to
work all right.  I did not rebuild glibc or install the latest version.
I assumed that I would revert to the libraries that come with

I currently have gdb-4.18 installed, and it doesn't seem to 
work with gcc-3.x at all.  So I downloaded gdb-5.1.1, and tried 
to build it.  However, it requires a curses or termcap library,
and fails on configuration.  I downloaded ncurses-5.2, and
installed it (which only worked when I disabled C++ support
because it had problems with a std::strstreambuf method).  
Then I tried to configure gdb again.  It still failed, saying it 
could not find any implementation of tgetent().  So I wrote a 
small test program that called tgetent(), and tried to compile 
it.  I linked it against both libtermcap and libncurses.  For 
both, it gives me the undefined reference mentioned above.  
My guess is that now that I have installed glibc, I am stuck 
with it forever (or until I rebuild my server, which is not a 
pleasant option).  Is this the case, or is there something I 
can do short of a full rebuild?

The only other relevant information might be that I also
installed libtool-1.4.2, and build ncurses with it.  Any help
is appreciated.


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