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RE: Errors building shared lib...

You may want to try using -fPIC

-----Original Message-----
From: Venkatakrishnan, V
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 12:17 PM
Subject: Errors building shared lib...

	I had built an application earlier using gcc2.95 on Solaris8, the
command was...
	gcc register.o -L. -lXtlLib -lXrtlLib -lXenvhlpLib -lSnmpAuxiLib
-lSnmpLib -lXsnmpLib -lsocket -lnsl -lXsnmpLib -lSnmpLib -lSnmpAuxiLib
-lXenvhlpLib -lXrtlLib -lXtlLib -o TrapRegister
	(the libraries have been repeated to avoid circular referencing)
	but now I basically need to convert the functionality of my app
"TrapRegister" to a shared library.  So I basically removed the main() from
my .c file and did the necessary things to export the interfaces and
compiled to give the .o.  Tried to build my shared library by saying...
	gcc -L. -L. -lXtlLib -lXrtlLib -lXenvhlpLib -lSnmpAuxiLib -lSnmpLib
-lXsnmpLib -lsocket -lnsl -lXsnmpLib -lSnmpLib -lSnmpAuxiLib -lXenvhlpLib
-lXrtlLib -lXtlLib -shared -o register.o
	but I get a whole bunch of linking errors as shown in errors.txt
(file attached).
	Is there something wrong with my command, (I used the same approach
on AIX4.3 using gcc 2.95 and it worked fine.)
	Can someone help me out here please.


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