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GCC/Success/Interesting Notes

Just got back from taking my kid to overnight on a battleship...

I just got a chance to check something on the builds I did.
One the Windows 98 build, the first one I did, I can either

/mygcc/bin/g++ -o hello hello.cpp
/mygcc/bin/gcc -o hello hello.cpp

Both work.  On the install I did on laptop #1, a Win2000
box, the only way it works is if I

/mygcc/bin/g++ -o hello hello.cpp -L/mygcc/lib

If I use gcc, I get link errors.  If I don't use the
-L option, I get link errors whether I g++ or gcc.

There are two other differences between the procedures
that I used...maybe 3
(1) I did a -k on the first make of the suggested recipe 
to begin with on the Win2000 build.  On the Win98 build,
I ran as stated, saw the error that arose from fastjar,
and then ran -k on the same make.
(2) I tried on the Win98 version of Cygwin to do source
installs (clicked the source box in the menu from setup.exe)
on a number of things such as gcc, autoconf, automake, make
etc., becuase I had noticed in the zlib portion of the
configure that it was reporting some of that stuff missing.
When I did the Win98 configure however, those items still showed
up as missing, so I did not do that for the Win2000 build.
(3) The versions of Cygwin were a dew days different, the
Win98 build was newer, and was from the 1.3.10 family.

In both cases I tried to eliminate all extra variable setting
of things like C_PLUS_PATH.  Something else occured to me,
I did not add any path information to the .bashrc file.  I
knew that information was in the /etc/profile file, and I
though from Kayvan's email he had it there for some other

I plan, at some time this weekend, to take my new laptop, the
XP machine and try the install.  We'll see what happens.

Y'all let me know if you see something else stupid I am doing.
Oh, yeah, here is Kayvan's "recipe"

./configure --prefix=/some/location
make LANGUAGES=c bootstrap install
make -k CC=/some/location/bin/gcc
make -k install

Where, as you can see from the earlier text, I took the 
computer language 101 for dummies approach and put things
along a path called mygcc.  Yes, when I wrote things in Ada,
I instantiated stuff like my_int_io, my_float_io...

Will keep boring you as I learn more...

Wayne (Not So) Keen

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