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RE: Cygwin / GCC

I appear to have had my first success from last nights
work using your information!

I got hello world to compile under the new g++!!!!!!!!

I gotta go get my son ready for school, this weekend I
will write up what I did so everyone who is like me
(a VERY short list) can avoid some things.

Thanks Kayvan!

Wayne (not so) Keen

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From: Kayvan A. Sylvan []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 10:33 AM
To: Keen Wayne A Contr AFRL/MNGG; Dockeen
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Subject: Re: Cygwin / GCC

On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 09:18:43AM -0600, Keen Wayne A Contr AFRL/MNGG
> Out of curiousity, I'm wondering if you have ever built gcc anywhere other
> than cygwin.
> It should be as simple as the above and, in my experience, it usually is.
> In theory, cygwin is supposed to make things as easy to build on Windows
> on UNIX.

With the latest Cygwin (1.3.9) and all the related packages (basically
doing a full install from the internet using the Cygwin setup.exe),
it is almost trivial to build a working GCC.

My Windows machine now is Windows XP but I have also build GCC and lots
of other Unix-centric software using Cygwin on NT and Win9x (I am right now
running the UDE X-window manager, compiled from source, for example).

Currently, I have gcc-2.95, gcc-3.0.3 and the latest CVS version of GCC
installed. The only "gotcha" is that I sometimes need to give the "-L" flag
gcc when linking (to ensure that the proper stdc++ and other libraries
are linked in).

I usually do something like:

./configure --prefix=/some/location
make LANGUAGES=c bootstrap install
make -k CC=/some/location/bin/gcc
make -k install

The "make -k" tells make to continue on even though a couple of targets
fail (I seem to recall problems with fastjar).

Best regards,


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