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cross-compile Linux code on a MS Windows computer.

I have never been in a GNU project mailing list before, and I hope I'm in 
the right list for my question and so on.

I want to compile a GNU/Linux project (With X GUI) on a Microsoft Windows 
computer with the normal GCC tool.
But I can't find any information if it is possible or if anyone have done 

I'm still learning about GNU/Linux but a can't se that this should be

Why I would like to do this (If you are interested :-)

I'm trying to convince my work colleagues that we can use GNU/Linux for our 
next embedded project with a LCD display for industrial use.
A big part of our problem vile be to make a user interface so our costumer's 
can make their systems different in the graphical setup (small differences, 
mostly setting the widgets at different places and in different sizes) for 
the end costumer.
I thought a good/easy way to do that was to make a simple Windows program to 
place widgets (our costumers don't haw any Unix systems, unfortunately) and 
when they are happy with the result the program moves the values for size 
and so on, and places it in an uncompelled GNU/Linux project, and compile it 
with GCC.
(I thought QT develop would be a good choice because there is a Linux and a 
Windows version that can use the same code/API and widgets.)
That would make our work much easier (And the end result would be well
optimized), which would probably make GNU/Linux the "winner".

Or am I totally wrong :-/

Best regards Rickard.
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