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libstdc++.a, source files, license tracing

Question:  How do I determine which source files go into the libstdc++.a 
that is a part of the built GCC 2.95.2 compiler environment?

I'm a program manager attempting to verify which license(s) apply to 
libstdc++.a.  My understanding from various people at is that 
whatever license covers the source file covers that portion of the 
library.  But the programmers I work with have yet to figure out a way to 
identify precisely and completely which files go into it.

I have an automated way to list all the source files with which license 
applies to each (GPL, LGPL, or the special exception mentioned many file 
headers).  I would like an automated way to list the source files that go 
into libstdc++.a.

Methods I've tried so far:
1) Look at the GCC source directory structure.  Problem: Which directory a 
file is in does not match which file goes into which library.

2) Look at the make file.  Problem: Too hard to figure out by visual 

3) Break the .a files into their constituent .o files using "ar -t" and 
look for .c (or other) like named files.  This has gotten me the closest 
yet, but...  Problem: 5 of the 73 .o files do not have corresponding names 
among the source files.  Even for the exact matches there can be other 
files behind those that are #included in those files that I currently have 
to manually trace thru.  And perhaps other files get included thru other means.


Tim Oey

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