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Re: Request for status on fix for limitations with g77 -fdebug_kludge option

Larry Cohen wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern;
>  I have recently downloaded and installed gcc-2.95.2 and gdb-5.0 packages
>  for the purposes of compiling and running FORTRAN-77 programs.  The gcc
>  package documentation states that gdb is currently incapable of printing
>  out the values of variables that are part of COMMON BLOCK storage and
>  that rudimentary COMMON BLOCK variable information could be retrieved
>  within gdb by invoking the -fdebug-kludge option during the g77 compile
>  process.  Also, the documentation states that this limitation in
>  printing out the explicit value of a COMMON BLOCK variable will be fixed
>  in some future release of gcc and gdb.  Would you please send me any
>  information about when these future gcc and gdb releases (that print out
>  the value of a COMMON BLOCK variable) will occur.


At present there is no active Fortran GDB maintainer and effectivly zero
activity on GDB's support for fortran :-(
Definitly an oportunity in the making for anyone interested.


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