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Request for status on fix for limitations with g77 -fdebug_kludge option

To Whom It May Concern;

 I have recently downloaded and installed gcc-2.95.2 and gdb-5.0 packages
 for the purposes of compiling and running FORTRAN-77 programs.  The gcc
 package documentation states that gdb is currently incapable of printing
 out the values of variables that are part of COMMON BLOCK storage and
 that rudimentary COMMON BLOCK variable information could be retrieved
 within gdb by invoking the -fdebug-kludge option during the g77 compile
 process.  Also, the documentation states that this limitation in
 printing out the explicit value of a COMMON BLOCK variable will be fixed
 in some future release of gcc and gdb.  Would you please send me any
 information about when these future gcc and gdb releases (that print out
 the value of a COMMON BLOCK variable) will occur.

Larry Cohen
Senior Analyst
Science Applications International Corporation
2018-A Lewis Turner Blvd.
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547
Tel.: (850) 863 - 3124
Fax: (850) 862 -0720

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