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Pentuim lll Compilers


We have been using GNU compiler provided by Cygnus for free. Recently,
after Cygnus became part of Red Hat, we tried to get a copy of the compiler
from Cygnus. They quoted a very expensive price and they stressed that
the price includes source code support. An ordinary user does not need
source code support. They insisted that paying for the source code support
is the only way to get Pentuim lll compiler.

How can I get Pentuim lll GNU cross compiler (running on Solaris) without 
paying thousands of dollars for it.



> I have been trying to find a GNU cross compiler, to run under solaris and
> generate code for Intel processors.

I believe that you can build a cross compiler simply by telling GCC to build
that way when you run ./configure.

> Is it true that the only place to find a compiler which supports Pentuim
> lll is Red Hat. Red Hat prices (previously Cygnjs) is prohibitively
> expensive. They make a customer pay for the source code support. An
> ordinary user does not care about this.

This sounds very odd to me, as I am under the impression that Cygnus' work
on GCC is contributed back to the core of GCC.

However, I would suggest that you send these questions to the GCC users'
mailing list:  This is gated to the news group,  You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending the word
"subscribe" to the address

They will know for sure.

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