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Re: libstdc++ included?.

"Smith, Jack" wrote:
... a lot of stuff...

Well, you definately wanted to have it the hard way...
You certainly bought or downloaded a Linux distribution, didn't you ?

Why didn't you just install the packages for g++ and binutils ??
(GCC = GNU Compiler Collection)
(binutils = ld (linker), gdb (debugger), ...)

It takes about 5' to do so, and you're ready to go.

If you also need a good development environment, you can check out
KDevelop, Moonlite or... Emacs :-)

Ok, TakeFive's SNiFF+ is one of the most powerful and it's totally free
(and almost without limitations - at least none in size of projects or
anything like that) for Linux (the "Penguin IDE" edition), even for
commercial use (!), but you should read the manuals and get used to it
a little (it's really very powerful).

If you want to develop in C++ and eventually build GUIs (KDE or GNOME
- but for GNOME, you'd have to download the brand-new KDevelop... and
it's big :\ ), you really should have a look at KDevelop - it's great!
(even for console C++ stuff)

For example: SuSE Linux 6.4 ships with GCC 2.95.2 (the latest stable
release of the GNU Compiler Collection with C, C++, Java, Objective
C, ...), KDevelop and TakeFive's SNiFF+/Penguin IDE.
It really doesn't take you more than 10' to install those packages
and to get yourself a ass-kicking development box.

- you really don't need to download and build the glibc yourself: if you
  didn't already have one installed, you couldn't run your Linux ;)
- libstdc++ - only headers ? Well, the STL consists only of templates
  classes with inline methods (because the methods are always very small
  and inlining definately makes them much faster).

And also:
it's really ok that you criticize certain things: that's what makes them
get better, but please make *constructive* critics. No need to compare
with M$ all the time: it's something completely different, 'nuff said.
Keep on working with Linux: the more time you spend on it, the more
learn... and the less you'll want to get back to windows (believe me).

  -o) / Pascal Bleser          ATOS Payment Systems|
  /\\ \ C++/UNIX Development        Aachen, Germany|
 _\_v  \<> <>|
/earth is 98% full... please delete anyone you can.:

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