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RE: About Keyboards - URGENT!!!!

   As a first note, I don't think this is the right place for this kind of

> I need a function that reads n leters from the keyboard
> that folow some rule.
> [....]

  I don't think anybody will write the program for you, so you should have
given a much shorter description for your problem.
  You can use read(...)  to do the job, and specify '0' as the first
parameter (0 means stdin - i.e. the keybord, generally). You should also do
something like
before any call to your function. (I'm not sure the fcntl call is correct,
you should check the manpages).
> And, is desired too that the function runs on Windows/Dos/Unix/Linux
> systems....
    AFAICT, this will work both on windows/dos and on linux. However,
depending on the compiler you use (under dos), you may need to include
different header files.

> Need response urgent.....
> Thanks...
> --
> Nelson Guedes Paulo Junior
> E-mail:  <>   UIN: 2489382 (Tender AML)
> HomePage: (Em eterna construção)


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