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libio - _G_IO_IO_FILE_VERSION, streambuf::showmanyc()


(note: I am not subscribed to gcc-help, but am to freebsd-stable)

I'm currently working at a protocol library in C++. It uses iostreams for
network communication, hence relying on streambuf. However, we require
streambuf::showmanyc() to be available, but it seems to be #defined out as
follows in /usr/include/g++/streambuf.h:

-- g++/streambuf.h, line 416 --
#if _G_IO_IO_FILE_VERSION == 0x20001
    virtual int showmanyc();
    virtual void imbue(void *);
-- snip --

Another developer also working on the project has g++ 2.95.2 installed
from the sources straight from cygnus (on Linux afaik) and he seems to
have #define _G_IO_IO_FILE_VERSION = 0x20001 in his _G_config.h.

Why is this not defined in the version built from /usr/src/, with
FreeBSD-STABLE 4.0 from about 2 weeks ago?

Any ideas on how I can get this fixed?

Your help would be greatly appreciated,

Stefanus Du Toit * WorldForger * Open-source/free software unix hacker * *
GPG key: 6B92DE98 from or

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