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gcc failing on -G 0 option


I am trying to build a cross compiler to port eCos to
a Mips chip.  I have followed the direction in the web page
"Building the NEC MIPS VR4300 development tools for Linux".
I download the following snapshots and patches:

binutils-000426 (from binutils.tar.bz2)

I was able to compile and install binutils, no problem.

I was able to configure the cross compiler.  However, when I
tried to make it, I get the followin errors:

  LIBGCC2_CFLAGS="-O2  -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC    -g -O2 -isystem ./include  -G 0 -g1  -DIN_LIBGCC2 -D__GCC_FLOAT_NOT_NEEDED -Dinhibit_libc " libgcc2.a
make[3]: Entering directory `/tmp/build/gcc/gcc'
rm -f tmplibgcc2.a
for name in _muldi3 _divdi3 _moddi3 _udivdi3 _umoddi3 _negdi2 _lshrdi3 _ashldi3 _ashrdi3 _ffsdi2 _udiv_w_sdiv _udivmoddi4 _cmpdi2 _ucmpdi2 _floatdidf _floatdisf _fixunsdfsi _fixunssfsi _fixunsdfdi _fixdfdi _fixunssfdi _fixsfdi _fixxfdi _fixunsxfdi _floatdixf _fixunsxfsi _fixtfdi _fixunstfdi _floatditf __gcc_bcmp _varargs __dummy _eprintf _bb _shtab _clear_cache _trampoline __main _exit _ctors _pure; \
do \
  echo ${name}; \
  /tmp/build/gcc/gcc/xgcc -B/tmp/build/gcc/gcc/ -B/tools/H-i686-pc-linux-gnu/mips64vr4300-elf/bin/ -I/tools/H-i686-pc-linux-gnu/mips64vr4300-elf/include -O2  -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC    -g -O2 -isystem ./include  -G 0 -g1  -DIN_LIBGCC2 -D__GCC_FLOAT_NOT_NEEDED -Dinhibit_libc  -I. -I/usr/local/src/gcc/egcs-20000501/gcc -I/usr/local/src/gcc/egcs-20000501/gcc/config -I/usr/local/src/gcc/egcs-20000501/gcc/../include -c -DL${name} \
       /usr/local/src/gcc/egcs-20000501/gcc/libgcc2.c -o ${name}.o; \
  if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then true; else exit 1; fi; \
  mips64vr4300-elf-ar  rc tmplibgcc2.a ${name}.o; \
  rm -f ${name}.o; \
as: unrecognized option `-G'
make[3]: *** [libgcc2.a] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/tmp/build/gcc/gcc'
make[2]: *** [stmp-multilib-sub] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/build/gcc/gcc'
make[1]: *** [stmp-multilib] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/build/gcc/gcc'
make: *** [all-gcc] Error 2
make: Leaving directory `/tmp/build/gcc'

The Makefile in /tmp/buid/gcc/gcc states:

# We must build libgcc2.a with -G 0, in case the user wants to link
# without the $gp register.

but I could not find the -G option documented in as.

Can someone help me out?  Is there a patch I need? 


	-- Warren

Warren J. Jasper

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