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Re: Dynamic linker

On Thu, 4 May 2000, HM Nesbit wrote:

> Greetings,
> I don't know if this is the right address to ask about trouble using
> GCC, 

It is not. is what you want.

> but I'm not a very experienced Linux user, so I have to call upon
> "gurus". All apologies if I was wrong.
> I recently installed GCC 2.95.2, 

When reporting bugs or difficulties with gcc, please describe how you
  installed it.

> but after that, no shared libraries
> couldn't be found by any application using them. 

What applications could not find shared libraries?

> I read in the docs that
> the dynamic linker was not updated while installing, so I would like to
> know how to do this.

This varies widely from one platform to the next. I will have to assume
  you are using linux.

  (0) Find out which directories contain newly installed shared libs.

      If you do not have root on the machine you are using, add these dirs
        to the environment variable LD_LIBARY_LOAD_PATH , and stop here.

  (1) $man ldconfig

  (2) Check your /etc/ . If these directories are not in your
      /etc/, add them to /etc/, one directory per
      line. (You must edit /etc/ as root.)

  (3) $su

by the way, I do not really know what your problem is; you should re-read
  the installation instructions for gcc, and see if you missed something.


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