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Re: How to use 'as' & 'gcc' on DOS/Win98

You could also look at cygwin, and
downaload the b20 "binary" release and opt for the b20.1 upgrade
(recommended). Perhaps you'd even want Mumit's gcc-2.95.x stuff and
perhaps also mingw to go with it.

Happy hunting!


"Groman" <> writes:

> I am not sure if that's what you want but a lot of gnu dev utils have been
> ported to dos/windows
> get them at
> Guo Hangwei wrote in message <>...
> >-- [ From: Guo Hangwei * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> >
> >Sirs:
> >
> >Really sorry to bother you everyone,  but I'm quite a freshman  about the
> >'as' 'gas'  and 'gcc',  and it's very kind of you to help me.
> >
> >I want a a C cross-compiler hosted on x86/DOS(Windows) and then an
> assembler
> >and linker also hosted on x86 to make binary file for MIPS R3000. I've
> >downloaded 'binutils-2.9.1.tar.gz' and  found it contains lots of C sourse
> >file developed under UNIX. I'm wondering how can I compile these files into
> >a executable program named 'as.exe' or 'gas.exe' using Microsoft's VC++ or
> >Borland C++ compiler under DOS/Win98, for the 'gas/readme' file havn't
> >mentioned X86/DOS(Win) in its paragraph of introducing which host  the
> 'gas'
> >cross-assembler can  work on.
> >
> >Today I saw an introduction of 'gcc' on ' I know I must
> >download 'gcc-2.95.tar.gz' and compile it to get a gcc.exe program. Can
> >'gcc' work as the cross-compiler I want and how can I install it?
> >
> >Hope you a very nice day!
> >
> >Best Regards,
> >
> >
> >--
> >
> >---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >Guo Hangwei, Arestek Electronics Co.,Ltd,ZhuHai,China PRC.
> >Tel. +86-756-2264535 Fax. +86-756-2264840
> >

Christian Jönsson                         
Sweden's Defence Research Establishment
Dep't of Communication Systems                      FOA 72

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