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r127629 - in /trunk/gcc: ChangeLog tree-flow.h ...

Author: dberlin
Date: Sun Aug 19 23:23:29 2007
New Revision: 127629

2007-08-19  Daniel Berlin  <>

	Fix PR 32772
	Fix PR 32716
	Fix PR 32328
	Fix PR 32303

	* tree-flow.h (struct stmt_ann_d): Remove makes_clobbering_call.
	* tree-ssa-alias.c (init_transitive_clobber_worklist): Add
	on_worklist argument and avoid adding things to worklist multiple
	(add_to_worklist): Ditto.
	(mark_aliases_call_clobbered): Mark entire structure clobbered if
	single SFT is clobbered.
	(set_initial_properties): Ditto.
	(compute_call_clobbered): Update for changes to function
	(create_overlap_variables_for): Always create SFT for offset 0.
	(create_structure_vars): Handle PHI's, since we are in SSA form at
	this point.
	* tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (get_ref_tag): Don't return subvars.
	* tree-ssa-operands.c (access_can_touch_variable): Don't handle
	(add_vars_for_offset): Figure out aliases from access + points-to.
	(add_virtual_operand): Use add_vars-for_offset.
	(get_tmr_operands): Update for NMT changes, rewrite to be correct.
	(add_call_clobber_ops): Remove makes_clobbering_call set.
	(get_expr_operands): Always pass through the INDIRECT_REF
	* tree-ssa-structalias.c (struct constraint_graph): Remove
	variables member.
	Add pe, pe_rep, pointer_label, loc_label, pointed_by, points_to,
	address_taken, pt_used, number_incoming.
	(FIRST_ADDR_NODE): Removed.
	(merge_graph_nodes): Remove broken code for the moment.
	(init_graph): New function.
	(build_pred_graph): Remove code to init_graph.
	Add location equivalence support.
	(struct scc_info): Rename roots to deleted.
	(scc_visit): Ditto.
	(init_scc_info): Ditto
	(init_topo_info): Use graph->size.
	(compute_topo_order): Ditto.
	(do_da_constraint): Removed.
	(do_sd_constraint): Remove calls to find().
	set_union_with_increment should always get 0 as last arg here.
	(do_complex_constraint): Replace do_da_constraint with assert.
	Stop calling find.
	(struct equiv_class_label): New.
	(pointer_equiv_class_table): Ditto.
	(location_equiv_class_table): Ditto.
	(equiv_class_label_hash): Ditto.
	(equiv_class_label_eq): Ditto
	(equiv_class_lookup): Ditto.
	(equiv_class_ladd): Ditto.
	(pointer_equiv_class): Ditto.
	(location_equiv_class): Ditto.
	(condense_visit): Rename and rewrite from label_visit to do only
	SCC related stuff for HU.
	(label_visit): Do HU work for HU.
	(perform_var_substitution): Update to do HU and location
	(free_var_substitution_info): Update to free HU and location
	equivalence structures.  */
	(find_equivalent_node): Update for pointer but not location
	(unite_pointer_equivalences): New function.
	(move_complex_constraints): Rewrite to only do moving.
	(rewrite_constraints): Split out of move_complex_constraints.
	(solve_graph): Use graph->size.
	(process_constraint_1): Add from_call argument, use it.
	Split *a = &b into two constraints.
	(process_constraint): Use new process_constraint_1.
	(get_constraint_for_component_ref): Handle bitmaxsize == -1 case.
	(get_constraint_for): Handle non-pointer integers properly.
	Remove code that used to handle structures.
	(handle_ptr_arith): Fix a few bugs in pointer arithmetic handling
	with unknown addends.
	(handle_rhs_call): New function.
	(find_func_aliases): Use handle_rhs_call.
	(set_uids_in_ptset): Add an assert.
	(set_used_smts): Fix bug in not considering unified vars.
	(compute_tbaa_pruning): Stop initing useless iteration_obstack.
	(compute_points_to_sets): Update for other function changes.
	(delete_points_to_sets): Ditto.
	(ipa_pta_execute): Ditto.
	(pass_ipa_pta): We need to update SSA after ipa_pta.


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