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gcc/gcc/testsuite ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Branch: 	apple-ppc-branch
Changes by:	2005-02-23 02:45:35

Modified files:
	gcc/testsuite/ apple-altivec-abi-test.c asm-block-1.c 
	                         asm-block-2.c asm-function-1.c 
	                         asm-function-10.c asm-function-11.c 
	                         asm-function-12.c asm-function-2.c 
	                         asm-function-3.c asm-function-4.c 
	                         asm-function-5.c asm-function-6.c 
	                         asm-function-7.c asm-function-8.c 
	                         asm-function-9.c cw-altivec-asm-block.c 
	gcc/testsuite/ liblongcall.c 
	gcc/testsuite/g++.dg: asm-block-1.C asm-block-2.C asm-block-3.C 
	                      asm-block-4.C asm-function-1.C 
	                      asm-function-10.C asm-function-11.C 
	                      asm-function-12.C asm-function-2.C 
	                      asm-function-3.C asm-function-4.C 
	                      asm-function-5.C asm-function-6.C 
	                      asm-function-7.C asm-function-8.C 

Log message:
	Radars: 4008481, 4008616
	Clean up target specifications.
	Reviewed by: Stuart Hastings
	Modified Files:
	* g++.dg/asm-block-1.C
	* g++.dg/asm-block-2.C g++.dg/asm-block-3.C g++.dg/asm-block-4.C
	* g++.dg/asm-function-1.C g++.dg/asm-function-10.C
	* g++.dg/asm-function-11.C g++.dg/asm-function-12.C
	* g++.dg/asm-function-2.C g++.dg/asm-function-3.C
	* g++.dg/asm-function-4.C g++.dg/asm-function-5.C
	* g++.dg/asm-function-6.C g++.dg/asm-function-7.C
	* g++.dg/asm-function-8.C g++.dg/asm-function-9.C


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