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[Bug libstdc++/24660] versioning weak symbols in libstdc++

------- Comment #14 from bkoz at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-11-17 23:41 -------
> I think nesting _6 within std makes sense in the abstract as well, as it 
> is properly part of the standard library space, not a separate entity.

Sounds sane to me.

> The debug mode headers will need to be modified to work with this new 
> requirement by moving __gnu_debug_def into std as well.  

Yep. Current debug mode will have to be adjusted. If you put your patch in for
the compiler bits to this bug report I can do the debug mode adjustments.

> Do you plan to version the debug mode containers, too?

Don't know. I've not thought that much about it, simply because we don't worry
that much about debug mode and versioning, since it is not on by default. I
think there are only 4 or so exports for debug mode. 

I suppose it should be.

I am thinking all things with templates should be versioned. That would mean
debug, tr1, ext headers, as well as std, and some of the C++ versions of "C"
headers (cmath, for instance, so we'd just do all the "C" headers as well.) 

> I don't think there's much compression to be done once you start 
> inserting arbitrary namespaces.  Just compressing the NTBS 
> "basic_string" doesn't get you much to compensate for the added complexity.

Sure, sure. I think we are on the same page here, actually. 


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