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[Bug other/24829] [4.1 Regression] libobjc testsuite failures

------- Comment #5 from aoliva at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-11-14 14:25 -------
Hmm, this is tricky.  I hadn't considered the case of having one of these
functions defined with a symbol that does not have external linkage.  I suppose
we may have to take care of this case :-( even though it probably wouldn't have
worked with the #pragma weaks.  Or would it?  Anyhow, please confirm how you
configured the compiler.  I'm particularly interested in what assembler you're
using, and what `grep HAVE_GAS_WEAK gcc/auto-host.h' prints.

Anyhow, one solution that comes to mind is to modify the __gthrw macro to
declare not a function with the same symbol name, but rather a static const
pointer to the original function.  In a perfect world, we'd be able to define
preprocessor macros within preprocessor macros, but without this ability,
that's the best I can think of, short of adding explicit defines for some


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