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[Bug c++/24702] Koenig found functoid ref, but "cannot be used as a function"

------- Comment #2 from pierhyth at gmail dot com  2005-11-09 01:33 -------
The current C++ standard says that Koenig applies "when an unqualified 
name is used as the postfix-expression in a function call" which from
what I've read, must include the case of functoids/functors and references
to functoids/functors.

It is true that some people seem to be arguing that the standard be changed
to restrict Koenig to only functions, a view which seems to me rather
unfortunate.  However the fact remains that the current standard allows
functors and the g++ compiler complies with this by allowing functors.
The issue is that references to functors appear to be broken in the most
recent versions of g++.

I have written much code that relies on g++ finding references to functors
through Koenig lookup.  This code compiled fine with version 3.2.  The
problem only arose when I tried to update to the 4.0 compiler.


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