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[Bug fortran/24643] Unclassifiable statement on implicitly typed character substring

------- Comment #9 from Tobias dot Schlueter at physik dot uni-muenchen dot de  2005-11-07 23:43 -------
Subject: Re:  Unclassifiable statement on implicitly typed
 character substring

steven at gcc dot gnu dot org wrote:
> ------- Comment #8 from steven at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-11-07 23:29 -------
> We get to "check_substring:" in match_varspec:
>         PROGRAM P
>         YLOCAL='A'
>         YBTABLE=YLOCAL(1:2)
>         END
> check_substring:
>   if (primary->ts.type == BT_CHARACTER)
>     {
>       switch (match_substring (primary->, equiv_flag, &substring))
>         {
>         case MATCH_YES:
>           if (tail == NULL)
>             primary->ref = substring;
> But at this point, while we have matched YLOCAL in the second assignment, we
> still haven't picked up a type for it.  So primary->ts.type == BT_UNKNOWN and
> we never even try to match the substring.
> I'm not sure if YLOCAL should have just picked up a type earlier.  Thoughts,
> Tobi?

It should have picked up a type in the first assignment.  Why it doesn't, I
don't know.  Apparently, the failure is conditional on the facts that A) there
already exists a symbol and B) this symbol doesn't have a type at that point.

I'll look into this in more depth tomorrow.  I remember that last time I
looked into these issues (back before Jakub fixed PR18833), I noticed that the
matching of primaries had been completely reworked in g95, and I can't think
of any other bug relating to that than this one, so this bug might well turn
out to be a snake pit.


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