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[Bug libgcj/24616] linking BC-compiled classes: NoClassDefFoundErrors should be deferred

------- Comment #12 from green at redhat dot com  2005-11-07 15:06 -------
(In reply to comment #11)
> You're not describing this clearly.  :-)
> We need to point the execution vector at a piece of code that throws an
> exception with the appropriate args.  Now, how should we do that?

The closure mechanism was specifically designed for when you want to call
interpreted code.  We don't want to do this here; we just want to throw an
exception with the right argument (stored in the closure object).

The current patch uses the closure mechanism to call the trampoline, which in
turn uses the ffi_call mechanism to call the exception throwing function.  But
we don't need to use ffi_call here, we can just call the exception throwing
function directly.  Then you'll realize that these functions don't need to be
separate at all.  Then you'll realize that you don't need to bother setting up
the ffi_cif - all you need is the exception argument.  

Does this help explain?


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