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[Bug libgcj/24638] New: inconsistent use of Jv_FindClass causing too weak error condition

Jv_FindClass throws a ClassNotFoundException in case the requested class cannot
be resolved (regardless of whether the bytecode missing or a further dependency
cannot be resolved).

This causes problems because in case of serious bytecode errors (eg. the class
of a field is missing) where a NoClassDefFoundError should reach the user code.

I found code in several places in gcj where the caller of Jv_FindClass expected
NULL to be returned. This affects Jv_FindClassFromSignature too because it
depends on the former function.

Obviously such code will not be executed (unless the Jv_FindClass takes a
special codepath where it call Jv_FindClassInCache).

- around line 1000, look for:
if (target_class == NULL)
        throw new java::lang::NoClassDefFoundError 
          (_Jv_NewStringUTF (sym.class_name->chars()));

- around 387, look for
          data.klass = _Jv_FindClassFromSignature (>chars(), loader);
          if (data.klass == NULL)
            throw new java::lang::NoClassDefFoundError(>toString());

I want to hear what the experts have to say about that. My suggestion would be
to introduce a special variant of Jv_FindClass which does not throw a
ClassNotFoundException (by swallowing it) and then carefully adjusting the code
location where the old variant was used.

           Summary: inconsistent use of Jv_FindClass causing too weak error
           Product: gcc
           Version: 4.0.0
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: libgcj
        AssignedTo: thebohemian at gmx dot net
        ReportedBy: thebohemian at gmx dot net

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