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--enable-checking abort with todayscvs building Ada during stage2.

-Woverloaded-virtual flag

[METABUG] --target=sh-elf V4SF mode metabug

[patch] target/7211: Alpha prefetch hints interpreted wrong

ABI bug

Re: ada/7436: GtkAda compilation on gcc 3.1.1

ada/7613: Can't with two child packages each of which is a renaming of the same package.

Re: ada/7624: Internal error occurs while building Gtkada-1.2.12 package using gcc 3.2

ada/7654: -Wenum-assignment : Warn if an enum is being assigned a non enum value

Another switch testcase failure with enable-checking

Re: Another weird CPP result


Re: ARM/THUMB long calls stubs

Bad code for ia64 with function pointer

bootstrap fails on Tru64

Re: bootstrap/7170: libiberty/regex.c uses string concatenation i

Re: bootstrap/7170: libiberty/regex.c uses string concatenation in definition of re_error_msgid

Re: bootstrap/7184: GCC 3.0.x and 3.1 failed to compile on HP-UX 11.11

bootstrap/7489: 64-bit targets fail to link on AIX 4.3.3

bootstrap/7509: gcc 3.1.1 bootstrap fails in stage2

bootstrap/7548: gcc3.1.1 can't be bootstraped on HPUX 10.20 using HP compilers

bootstrap/7552: problems building gcc 3.1.1 with -O2

bootstrap/7553: install problem on alpha axp with gcc-3.1.1

bootstrap/7554: another install-sh problem with installing gcc-3.1.1

bootstrap/7555: make command too long during install for gcc-3.1.1 on alpha axp

bootstrap/7589: libgcc.map file is empty; ld dies

bootstrap/7615: sparc-solaris 3.1.1 builds but 3.2 does not

bootstrap/7626: Compiling GCC 3.2 on an Alpha running Tru64 UNIX 5.0

bootstrap/7634: gcc-3.2/aix-4.2.1: Core dump while compiling libgcc/_muldi3.o

bootstrap/7635: GCC 3.2 crashes during GCC 3.2 compilation

bootstrap/7637: MIPS cross compiler: ICE during bootstrap

bootstrap/7668: additional informations for c/7659

bootstrap/7692: failed to bootstrap on Solaris8 x86

bootstrap/7716: can't compile getpwd.c during build

bootstrap/7747: bootstrap on alphaev67-dec-osf5.0 ICEs on gcc-3.2/gcc/predict.c:708

bootstrap/7750: Cannot compile gcc-3.1.1 or gcc-3.2

bootstrap/7757: configure: error: can not find install-sh or install.sh in . ./.. ./../..

bootstrap/7770: m68k ICE during bootstrap

bootstrap/7777: gcc3.2 bootstrap on alphaev67-dec-osf5.0 crashes

bootstrap/7790: GCC doesn't build on Solaris 2.8

bootstrap/7791: GCC 3.2 doesn

bootstraping fails on AIX 5.1 w/ Version 6 AIX compilers

Bug in Gcc 3.1.1 - template member not recognized inside function argument list (without full qualification)

Bug on gcc with dlopen()

bug report compiling gcc 3.2

bug when compiling libc2.2.5 + linuxthreads with -Os with a gcc 3.2 crosscompiler

bugs with __stdcall

Re: c++/2213: ICE in cp_convert_to_pointer, , at cp/cvt.c:265: Cast from long long to member function

Re: c++/2521: ICE in build_ptrmemfunc, at cp/typeck.c:6087

Re: c++/2650: ICE, in c_expand_expr, at c-common.c:3906

Re: c++/4683: constructor executed at least twice

Re: c++/6118: ICE in resolve_offset_ref, at cp/init.c:1873

Re: c++/6216: seg fault when using new to create a memory array

Re: c++/6262: Incorrect error message reported when applying sizeof() to non-static class member

Re: c++/6693: template classes, nested classes defined elsewhere (2.95, FreeBSD 4.5, en)

Re: c++/6992: GCC-3.1.x - attribute 'section' broken for constructors

Re: c++/7176: g++ confused by friend and static member with same name

Re: c++/7234: Link Problem, GCC 3.1 on AIX 4.3.3

Re: c++/7327: -isystem and template linkage

Re: c++/7394: <synopsis of the problem (one line)>

Re: c++/7400: dynamic_cast segfaults with -shared option

Re: c++/7458: private static objects not constructed in thread-safe fashion

c++/7466: gcc does not create a destructor call for a temporary

c++/7467: method & class w/same name gives unhelpful error.

c++/7468: prototype "doesn't match" a candidate that is actually a perfect match.

c++/7470: Vtable: virtual function pointers not in declaration order

c++/7471: exception specification violation error when using function try block

c++/7472: gcc 3.1.1 has problems with STL slist

c++/7473: gcc-3.1.1: Internal compiler error in find_function_data

c++/7477: Type information thrown away

c++/7478: internal compiler error on static_cast inside template

c++/7484: warning with -Wmissing-declarations

c++/7485: Documentation of "-Wreorder" is incomplete

c++/7492: internal compiler error

c++/7497: ice on large bool array, not on small or huge array

c++/7498: copy constructor of ostream (and ios) is private and it should not be!

c++/7503: (x <? Y) = z; // bad behavior

c++/7504: ICE on call to static method of incomplete type

c++/7506: Solaris 64-bit shared c++ link failure using binutils

c++/7512: ld getting passed incorrect options with hppa64-hp-hpux11.00

c++/7517: g++ incompatible options and multiple compilations

c++/7518: Problem on opening a shared library with Gcc3.1.1

c++/7522: access by friend function's default argument

c++/7524: "f(const float arg[3])" fails

c++/7529: "using std::rel_ops::operator!=;" not accepted at function scope by GCC 3.1

c++/7536: C++ front end does not warn of promotion of negative ints to unsigneds

c++/7538: Constructors of static members are not called always

c++/7539: Constructors of static members are not called always

c++/7542: compiling for powerpc Altivec

c++/7546: g++: Internal compiler error in make_typename_type, at cp/decl.c:5715

c++/7550: g++ 3.1 does not compile legal struct declaration under special circumstances

c++/7551: g++ does not mind non-void functions which return no value.

Re: c++/7562: const with typedefs doesn't work as expected.

c++/7562: strange behaviour with typedef and consts

c++/7566: g++ 3.3 ICE: Error reporting routines re-entered.

c++/7567: g++ 3.3 ICE in decl_jump_unsafe

c++/7576: ?: used with static const member variables creates undefined reference

c++/7580: incorrect/unfortunate DWARF-2 info for static const int class members

c++/7581: ICE in grokdeclarator

c++/7582: Intel intrinsics cause segfault with gcc 3.1.1 and 3.2

c++/7584: Erroneous ambiguous base error on using declaration

c++/7585: Attributes for nested typedef-name ignored

c++/7586: Incorrect handling of attributes in template codes

c++/7588: Built-in functions not marked as such

c++/7590: -Wpadded causes internal warning in g++

c++/7597: Link failure when static constant is passed by reference

c++/7598: offsetof broken

c++/7602: C++ header files found in CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH treated as C headers

c++/7605: ICE on template instatiation

c++/7606: GCC interprets wrong.

c++/7607: GCC gives an ICE instead of reporting an error.

c++/7609: c++ compiler crashes when compiling libcrypto4.2 on redhat 7.0

c++/7610: ICE after bootstrap in libstdc++/libsupc++

c++/7612: Memory leaks in cplus-dem.c

c++/7614: Warning when function returning reference to volatile called in void context

c++/7616: New warning request

c++/7618: GCC 3.x vararg disallowed in virtual function

Re: c++/7621: ICE on illegal code

c++/7621: ICE on legal code

c++/7638: inline friend in template class produces strange error msg

c++/7639: g++ 3.3 ICE in operand_subword

c++/7640: g++ 3.3 ICE: SEGV in integer_zerop

c++/7641: friend declaration of nested types doesn't compile

c++/7646: Inclusion of X11 header files in to a C++ header, causes error messages during compilation.

c++/7648: Incorrect error claiming that const structure member is uninitialized

c++/7663: AIX-LD fails with TOC overflow

c++/7667: ICE SIGSEGV on simple identifier error

c++/7672: can't compile c++ files

c++/7674: unjustified syntax error when a class contains a reference AND a pointer to member

c++/7676: Member template function overloading problem

c++/7678: implicity typename deprecated inheritance problem

c++/7679: The compiler crashes wen a right parentesis is missing

c++/7682: bug on hp making the gcc dump undefined type info name for a class

c++/7683: compiling with -g creates multiple symbols of the same name

c++/7684: ICE on dir.cpp from commoncpp2-0.99.7

c++/7685: g++ 3.2 generates no dwarf debug info for namespaces

c++/7686: template compilation failure on unused method

c++/7694: g++ gives ICE 65 when compiling legal (I think) templated code

c++/7699: Inner class scopting not working correctly for function prototype matching

c++/7700: Inner class scopting not working correctly for function prototype matching

c++/7701: Inner class scopting not working correctly for function prototype matching

c++/7703: gcc gives parse errors when compiling a class function with recursively templated default value for a function parameter

c++/7704: template match difference on function pointer template args

c++/7707: GCC 3.1.1 Optimization incomplete/incorrect : leaks temporary object

c++/7711: -save-temps togather with -fmem-report ICEs

c++/7712: Problems with template templates (ice in cp_expr_size)

c++/7718: 'complex' template instantiation causes internal compiler error (gcc 3.1, gcc 3.2)

c++/7721: Very simple (but incorrect) template chokes g++

c++/7722: static array of label addresses in function templates

c++/7724: template descendant does not see typedefs of tmpl. ancestor

c++/7725: g++ cannot convert 0 to int* as template arg.

c++/7731: erroneous implicit typename is deprecated

Re: c++/7731: g++ issues erroneous warning: implicit typename is deprecated

c++/7732: erroneous "implicit typename is deprecated" warning

Re: c++/7732: g++ issues erroneous warning: implicit typename is deprecated

c++/7734: ICE in cp_expr_size, at cp/cp-lang.c:130

c++/7737: g++ ver 3.2 Internal Compiler Error

c++/7740: g++ 3.2 compiles routines marked as extern "C++" with incorrect "C" linkage

c++/7743: g++-3.2 - Segmentation fault

c++/7745: gcc 3.2 rejects legal member template overload

c++/7746: static members of template classes not allways constructed

c++/7748: Static objects in dynamic library with non-default priority not initialized

c++/7754: ICE SIGSEGV on union with template parameter

c++/7756: Core dump before main on Solaris 2.6 when using g++ 3.2 and binutils 2.13

c++/7758: g++ crashes on operation on incomplete type

c++/7760: Crash with Debian's prerelease gcc 3.2 (20020809)

c++/7761: gcc reports internal error code 383 on invalid namespace usage.

c++/7764: Destructors not run during dynamic loading/unloading of libraries

c++/7765: erreur interne de compilateur: erreur pour rapporter une routine ré-entée

c++/7768: __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ for template destructor is wrong

c++/7769: using static libraries sometimes loses static initialization

c++/7775: std::string foo = foo + "b" is erroneously compiled

c++/7780: -Woverloaded-virtual generating false-positives

c++/7781: std::string foo = foo + "b" is compiled without warning!

c++/7782: C++ compiler internal error in delete_insn, at cfgrtl.c:139

c++/7788: g++-3.2 internal error: Segmentation fault

Re: c/233: loop unrolling generates duplicate assmebler labels ->gas rejects code

Re: c/2748: Solaris, pointers and accessing memory with them.

Re: c/3912: math_iso.h not found

Re: c/4319: short accepted on typedef'd char

Re: c/5330: -Wcast-qual and casting pointers to static functions

Re: c/5343: Internal compiler error: program got fatal signal 13

Re: c/5459: gcc 3.0.x sometimes prints incorrect warning for function pointer casts

Re: c/6547: misleading printf '$' format

Re: c/6799: #pragma weak no longer works

Re: c/6801: void * dereference warning given when no evaluation occurs

Re: c/6861: Conflicting type name allowed

Re: c/7127: -Wswitch ineffective on GCC 3.0/Debian (Regression from 2.95)

Re: c/7353: Compiler dies on known working code (as of gcc 3.0)

Re: c/7411: cistore.c:392: Internal compiler error in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:3974

Re: c/7450: Cannot read response file with gcc 2.95-3 and gcc 3.1

c/7464: weak symbols alias definitions are broken in 3.1.1

c/7474: gcc compiles illegal source code without generating any warnings

c/7475: gcc compiles illegal source code without generating any warnings

c/7479: wrong arithmetic output

c/7490: gcc dumps core when trying to compile the attached code.

c/7495: GCC generates crashing code when there is large static array

c/7499: invalid assemly output with -O2 flag

c/7500: invalid assemly output with -O2 flag

c/7502: internal error: Segmentation fault

c/7505: unable to include math.h library in c programs

c/7508: GCC refuses to compile a declartion right after a 'case' in switch

Re: c/7508: GCC refuses to compile a declartion right after a 'case'in switch

c/7510: gcc 3.1: ICE in extract_insn on RS/6k AIX (works on x86 linux)

c/7527: gcc 2.95.3 and gcc 3.0.4 generate incorrect code

c/7540: ICE while building binutils/gas

c/7543: Suggest new warning message for gcc

c/7544: gcc does not output weak symbol unless declared

c/7565: GCC 2.95.3 rejects valid input.

c/7574: Code generation problem involving regparm attribute

c/7577: GCC 3.1 has problems with -gdwarf+ option linking the linux kernel

c/7594: 3.1.1, 3.2 branch ICE on legal code

Re: c/761: Undocumented options, part 1

c/7622: tree inliner fallout (regression relative to 2.95)

c/7649: gcc generate a wrong code

c/7650: gcc generate a wrong code

c/7651: Define -W strictly in terms of other warning flags

c/7652: -Wswitch-break : Warn if a switch case falls through

c/7653: Define -W strictly in terms of other warning flags

c/7655: -W name compatible, -W strict pointer compatible

c/7656: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

c/7657: gcc.2.95.2 -O2 (for alpha) loops endless in java/parse.c

c/7658: spec file for gcc-3.2 doesnt work with as2.9

c/7659: spec file for gcc-3.2 doesnt work with as2.9

Re: c/7661: gcc-3.0 optimization bug on debian GNU/Linux on x86 with very simple program

c/7661: gcc-3.0 optimization bug on debian GNULinux on x86 with very simple program

c/7664: gcc-3.2 build problem gengenrtl

c/7665: gcc crash

c/7677: Gcc 3.2 generate the wrong target machine code, TOO, making the target crash

c/7689: Bad code generated when function sometimes does not return

c/7695: i686/athlon specific ICE

c/7696: Spurious shift warning

c/7698: gcc 3.1 internal error in gen_typedef_die

c/7705: Internal compiler error in simplify_subreg

c/7710: GCC warns "<var> might be used uninitialized" when optimisation turned on

c/7723: Internal compiler error - Pentium3 sse - gcc 3.2

c/7733: Segmentation Fault with -ftest-coverage

c/7741: ICE on illegal code (conflicting types)

c/7749: warning: no previous prototype for foobar_func ()

c/7755: Please make -Wno-deprecated do just that

c/7759: incorrect warning emited

c/7762: cast problem with gcc-3.2 on x86 architectures

c/7776: const char* p = "foo"; if (p == "foo") ... is compiled without warning!

ccppc: Internal compiler error: program as got fatal signal 1

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cpp bug with 3.2(now 3.3), 3.1.1 and 2.96

Create a PAYCHECK with your COMPUTER 1565

CVS head build breakage for target sh-elf

CVS head nasty codegen for sh-elf

debug/7511: objdump / gdb doesn't handle local labels

debug/7521: DWARF problem: bad .text reference from .debug_line section.

Re: debug/7698: gcc 3.1 internal error in gen_typedef_die

execing 'gcc' from within Java application

F77 FP screwup (i386 cross-compiler -> vax)

Re: fortran/6286: Broken links on web pages

fortran/7487: wrong line numbers after INCLUDE

fortran/7488: wrong line numbers after INCLUDE (resubmission)

fortran/7530: fortran statement works in 2.9.3 but not in 3.1

fortran/7541: DATA statement for double precision variables does not work

Re: fortran/7541: DATA statement for double precision variables doesnot work

fortran/7662: Dimensions of dummy array in subroutine must agree with arrayed passed from calling program.

fortran/7681: ICE in compensate_edge, at reg-stack.c:2591

G++ compiler Bug

gcc -O = internal error when ostream.fail() !?

gcc 2.95.3 && short-circuit bug

gcc 2.95.3 miscompiles && operation

gcc 3.1.1 + binutils 2.13 + wine-20020804

Re: Fwd: GCC 3.1/3.1.1/3.2(?) bug

RE: GCC 3.2 - Make Bootstrap fails on Solaris 2.6

gcc 3.2 bug with "-mmmx"

gcc 3.2 make distclean fails

gcc coldfire code generation problem

Gcc driver and -T option

gcc-3.1 istream_iterator bug

gcc-3.1.1 (debian/i386): wrong code with -O2 / bitfields / aliasing

gcc/ia64 codegenerator questions

Generated assembler output doesn't store / restore registers

Gizli cekim

Re: gnu ld 2.13/gcc3.2/solaris 2.8 segmentation fault

Re: h8300-elf build fails in libf2c

Help on -nodefaultlibs

Help You Need

help: double precision problem


High priority bugs


ICE in regex bootstrapping gcc-3.3 2002-08-13

Illegal IMail List Server Command!

Installing pre gcc-2.96 for ATLAS

Internal compiler error in force_store_init_value, at cp/typeck2.c:443

is g++ 3.1 too slow?

Is this a bug?

istream_iterator bug

Re: java/6005: gcj fails to build rhug on alpha

java/7482: gij verify error

java/7483: build_assertion gets assertion status wrong

java/7514: help in compiling a Java 1.1 class library

java/7611: Internal error while compiling libjava with -O

java/7628: Libgcj build fails on Cygwin platform

java/7629: Libgcj build fails on Cygwin platform

java/7738: cannot build jython from source

java/7739: compile with -findirect-dispatch by default

java/7763: ICE on stray semicolon inside statement

java/7787: ICE on calling nonexistent method

label reference missed

Re: libf2c/6367: multiple repeat counts confuse namelist read into array

libgcj/7528: java.io.RandomAccessFile.skipBytes should return bytes skipped, not position

libgcj/7532: shutdown hooks not run upon abnormal termination

libgcj/7556: libjava tests fail because of new naming of libgcj.jar

libgcj/7568: Runtime.exec ignores directory argument

libgcj/7570: Runtime.exec with null envp: child doesn't inherit parent env

libgcj/7578: gcc-3.1.1 libjava regression: tons of new FAILS on check

libgcj/7587: direct threaded interpreter not thread-safe

libgcj/7608: libgcj build fails

libgcj/7633: $(prefix)/share used rather than $(datadir)

libgcj/7660: g++ from Java screws up my JNI code

libgcj/7709: NullPointerException in _Jv_ResolvePoolEntry

libgcj/7752: connection with a POST http request

libgcj/7766: ZipInputStream.available returns 0 immediately after construction

libgcj/7785: Calendar.getTimeInMillis/setTimeInMillis should be public

libgcj/7786: TimeZone.getDSTSavings() from JDK1.4 not implemented

libgcj/7789: java.util.TimeZone.getDefault() finds wrong time zone

Re: libstdc++/6090: Problem with copy of std_valarray

Re: libstdc++/6594: strstreambuf leaks 16 bytes - gcc 3.0.x

Re: libstdc++/6731: g++ 3.1 - libstdc++ mis-placed include files

Re: libstdc++/6732: misaligned objects created by new

Re: libstdc++/6776: Build 3.1 Source - Build directory on another file system fails due to hard link creation.

Re: libstdc++/7422: strstreambuf frees buffer when beeing in frozen state

Re: libstdc++/7439: C99 compat: Can't use the name INFINITY in an enum.

Re: libstdc++/7439: Can't use the name INFINITY in an enum.

Re: libstdc++/7442: cxxabi.h does not match the C++ ABI

Re: libstdc++/7445: poor performance of std::locale::classic() in multi-threaded applications

Re: libstdc++/7461: ctype<char>::classic_table() returns offset array on Cygwin

Re: libstdc++/7461: ctype<char>::classic_table() returns offset array on cygwin

Re: libstdc++/7461: ctype<char>::classic_table() returns offset array on Cygwin

libstdc++/7491: Problems with valarrays (slices and gslices)

libstdc++/7636: ofstream corrupts first 16k of text file output

libstdc++/7669: [Solaris 2.7, gcc-3.1.1] libstdc++.so segfaults in _init()

libstdc++/7680: float functions undefined in math.h/cmath with #define _XOPEN_SOURCE

libstdc++/7691: --enable-cxx-flags configure option broken

libstdc++/7706: asinh, acosh, atanh are not put in std:: by <cmath>

libstdc++/7744: streambuf::in_avail() always returns 0 (zero) for cin input stream

libstdc++/7753: Problems with <limit> (signaling_Nan())

libstdc++/7793: Problems with numeric_limits<long double>::min()

macro __VAR_ARGS_ bug??

Re: mainline stage1 compiler never completes on sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

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malformed option `-A system=unix'

Re: middle-end/6241: bad code gen on ppc (C++ only)

middle-end/7534: ICE unrecognizable insn with -march=k6/k6-3

middle-end/7561: Prefetch merging code in gcc-3.1/gcc/loop.c incorect

middle-end/7617: shared libgcc binary incompatibility on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

middle-end/7736: gcc destroys stack layout when a local label is used

no documentation for volatile attribute

objective-C broken on PowerPC

Re: optimization/6973: gcc-3.1 fails to compille mesa-4.0.2 on i586 (opt >= -O1 works)

Re: optimization/7067: -Os with -mcpu=powerpc optimizes for speed (?) instead of space

Re: optimization/7175: Calculation yields different results for versionoptimized with -O2

Re: optimization/7390: ICE with gcc 3.1, happens only with -march athlon

Re: optimization/7465: Same function produced bad ARM code with C++ but correct one with C

optimization/7465: Same function produces bad ARM code with C++ but correct one with C

optimization/7476: constant variable tested in loop

optimization/7515: invalid inlining

optimization/7520: internal compiler error in verify_local_live_at_start

optimization/7557: gcc-3.1.1 (debian/i386): wrong code with -O2 / bitfields / pointer aliasing

optimization/7560: copy construction (return value optimization?)

optimization/7563: g77 3.1.1 internal error: Segmentation Fault at -O2 -funroll-loops -m64

optimization/7571: BitchX fails with a segmentation fault when compiled with -O3

optimization/7591: function-related struct copy bug

optimization/7630: ICE's compiling Mozilla 1.0 with -march=pentium4

optimization/7632: gcc 3.2 for PowerPC: instruction scheduling ignores dependency in variable asignments

optimization/7642: optimization problem with signbit() of a

optimization/7673: extract_insn

optimization/7687: Internal compiler error in use_thunk, at cp/method.c:412

optimization/7688: CSE not appearing to be applied to conditional expressions

optimization/7690: gcc 2.95.3: argument destroyed under -O2 on IA32

optimization/7702: gcc-3.2 optimization problem on a DEC alpha under OSF1

optimization/7708: g++ -O inserts definition of std::string::replace in library module

optimization/7713: Performance regression from gcc 2.95.3

optimization/7714: inlining of function with inline assembler causes duplicate assembler lables

optimization/7715: inlining of function with inline assembler causes duplicate assembler lables

optimization/7717: Invalid loop unrolling

optimization/7719: gcc with -O2 generates wrong code

optimization/7726: Fails to produce the correct implementation-dependant output for loop optimization under x86 -> optimizes away a loop that should complete

optimization/7728: Invalid statement reordering gcc 3.2 -O2

optimization/7735: omit asm code

optimization/7778: Internal compiler error in reload_cse_simplify_operands

optimization/7792: ICE with -march=athlon-xp -O2

or named variable can't compile

Re: other/5574: "http://ego.uwaterloo.ca/SpamGate?ip=216.94.64Off by two error produced by gcc -o test sqr.c -lm

other/7480: ??

other/7481: wht?

other/7493: Possible instruction jump too large for assembler.

other/7516: Ambiguous driver behaviour with "-shared -static" cmd line options combination

other/7519: mipsel-linux-g++ crashes with: Internal error: Killed (program cc1plus)

other/7535: GCC configuration problem: failed to correctly detect hidden attribute support

other/7549: gcc3.1: Documentation glitches in info-files

other/7575: gcc crashes when trying to compile static constants stored in .cpp files

other/7619: configure failed for libltdl

other/7620: gij doesn't work properly on SH port.

other/7644: GCC bug with reading '\r' in files

other/7645: nisa-elf-gcc fails to compile a helloworld application.

other/7671: RH7.3 gnu ld (version 20020207) problem w/ gnu.linkonce.*

other/7727: `make install' fails when none of the localization files are installed (as controlled by LINGUAS)

other/7742: genrecog goes crazy on 'parallel' with more than 25 elements

other/7771: Build on AIX fails

other/7772: Errors while building openH323

other/7773: compilation problem in gcc/java/parse*.c

PATCH for Re: optimization/7557: gcc-3.1.1 (debian/i386): wrong codewith -O2 / bitfields / pointer aliasing

Re: PATCH: Re: optimization/7171: Not enough room for program headers (allocated 7, need 8)

Re: pending/7405: Re: bootstrap: Illegal .size expression

Re: pending/7406: Re: bootstrap: Illegal .size expression

Re: pending/7410: Re: bootstrap: Illegal .size expression

Re: pending/7419: Your password

Re: pending/7421: Hi,the Garden of Eden

Re: pending/7469: Problem Report 7184 can be closed

Re: pending/7494: Document.MM

Re: pending/7523: Position

Re: pending/7545: Endspan i

Re: pending/7547: Undeliverable mail--"look,my beautiful girl friend"

Re: pending/7564:

Re: pending/7569: Re: ICE in change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:1934

Re: pending/7572: CELLSPACING

Re: pending/7573: Congratulations

Re: pending/7579: Language

Re: pending/7593: Problem Report 5553

Re: pending/7600: Have a new Assumption

Re: pending/7601: NORESIZE

Re: pending/7697: CPP Linking Error!

pending/7774: C++ Template partial specialization broken with functiontypes

Re: pending/7783: Congreso Internacional de Telemática, CITEL 2002

Possible Compiler Bug

Possible type bug in make_range()

PR/7344 - O(n^2) algorithm?

Re: preprocessor/4917: Make -print-search-dirs show include dirs

Re: preprocessor/6738: -dM -M -o file.i doesn't work (test gcc.dg/cpp/cmdlne-dM-M.c)

Re: preprocessor/7358: Changes to Sun's make Dependencies

Re: preprocessor/7526: cpp0 core dump due to _Pragma and #x construct?

preprocessor/7558: preprocessor option -MM has change semantic

Re: preprocessor/7602: C++ header files found in CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH treated as C headers

preprocessor/7670: Missing overloaded functions

Re: private static instance construction not thread-safe?

Problem Report 5553

recent changes (on HEAD) broke STLport build

RFA init_propagate_block_info abort

RFA: Orphaned jumptable not deleted causing enable checking abort.

RUS-CERT Advisory 2002-08:02: Flaw in calloc and similar routines

section used for static variable

Setup finished successfully (Fwd By Digital Impact) [OLM2002080300000200]

Severe code generator bug in avr-gcc 3.0.3

Solaris 2/SPARC Ada bootstrap broken

spam/7779: C,C++,BASIC,Fortan,C-+,C+-+

suggestion: release .bz2 source packages

support for i386-pc-nto-qnx* target

Re: target/6668: when using --disable-multilib, libgcc_s.so is installed in the wrong place on sparc-solaris

Re: target/7317: sh-elf, trunk: invalid assembly (too-long branch?) -m3e libiberty/regex.c

target/7486: ice when compiling glibc 2.2.5 with -msse2

target/7496: mipsisa32-elf gcc cross compiler build problem

target/7525: arm/thumb long calls stubs only in one code section, cannot branch to them from other section

target/7531: -mcmodel not documented for x86-64

target/7533: gcc 3.0.2 h8300 right shift 15 is wrong

target/7559: kdelibs miscompilation

target/7592: sh-elf-gcc cannot decrease alignment by -falign-functions

target/7623: SCO OpenServer build fails with machmode.def: undefined symbol: BITS_PER_UNIT

target/7627: avr target: unrecognizable insn

target/7643: H8300 - ___muldi3 is generated for multiplication by long long constant

target/7693: Typo in i386 mmintrin.h header

target/7730: miscompilation of x86 inline assembly

target/7784: Internal compiler error in extract_insn, at recog.c:2148

treelang does not build (trunk)

treelang still broken

Re: unidiff version of the last patch I submitted

Very Interesting Indeed...

web/7501: A gcc FAQ item doesn't mention gcc 3.1

web/7583: Too much SPAM and mail replies as new PRs in GNATS

web/7596: Broken links on g77 web page

web/7603: Incorrect flag specified in page

web/7767: Bogus list in "send email interested parties" links in GNATS PR's

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