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"make install"

*-rtems config.gcc patch

--enable-languages=c is valid

-Wuninitialized not so hot.

2 bootstrap problems with solaris 2.8

3.0 + optimization miscompiles groff-1/17.1

3.0 bootstrap broken

3.0 Bootstrap Broken

Re: 3.0 bootstrap broken

3.0 branch bootstrap failure on sparc-solaris

3.0 critical, in-source dir build fails

3.0, gcc_release fails on sparc-sun-solaris2.7

3.0, sun, R_SPARC_32 failure

Re: 3.0: can't bootstrap on arm-linux

3.1 bootstrap fail in ssa.o on irix6.5

3.1 bootstrap failure on irix6.5 - Unresolved text symbol "C_alloca"

Re: 3.1 bootstrap failure on irix6.5: gcc/cppmacro.c - expression mus t be a modifiable lvalue

3.1 bootstrap failure on irix6.5: gcc/cppmacro.c - expression must be a modifiable lvalue

Prvi brezplačni slovenski finančni portal

[3.0, c++, java]: -fomit-frame-pointer IS broken on x86!

[3.0] Bootstrap failure - ASM_SPEC conflict with gas

[Fwd - Frm: inessa.chernoguz@intel.com, Subj: ]

[Fwd: bootstrap error]

[Fwd: c++/v2.97 ice when inner template arg has default]

[gcc-3.0, libjava]: Unresolved dependency to __cxa_call_unexpected

RE: [gcc-3.0] Fixinclude uw7_byteorder_fix not getting applied

[gcc-3.0] Fixinclude uw7_byteorder_fix not getting applied to UnixWare7.1.1 /usr/include/arpa/inet.h

[IRIX 6.2] Bootstrap failure of mips-sgi-irix5.3 sjlj configuration

Re: [libstdc++/3052] 3.0 unresolved ref to sqrtf

__builtin_return_address doesn't return 0

__restrict for arrays

Re: ARM 2878

Re: ARM error with glibc (Illegal value for co-processor offset)

AW: c/2788: Can't compile linux-2.4.2 kernel on alpha ev5

basic_string.tcc:532: Tree check: expected function_decl, have template_decl in duplicate_decls, ...

bootstrap error

bootstrap failure 3.1: Comparion failure

Bootstrap failure on cygwin - undefined reference to `ix86_valid_ decl_attribute_p'

Re: Bootstrap failure on cygwin - undefined reference to `ix86_valid_decl_attribute_p'

Re: Bootstrap failure on cygwin - undefined reference to`ix86_valid_ decl_attribute_p'

Bootstrap failure on GCC 3.1 branch for i686-linux-gcc

Bootstrap failure on irix6.5

bootstrap failure on trunk for i686-linux-gnu

bootstrap won't link with GNU iconv

Re: bootstrap/2034: boostrap error, CVS gcc, as: unrecognized option `-Qy'

Re: bootstrap/2168: genattr abort during cross compilation

Re: bootstrap/2951: --target=sh-elf fails to build due to missing patch

Re: bootstrap/2987: gcc 3.0 0526 fails to build on mips*-linux

bootstrap/3039: Type of variable is wrong in dwarf2 debugging info

bootstrap/3040: Fail build libmath at cygwin

bootstrap/3067: Compilation with -fPIC -fexceptions fails, breaking bootstrap

bootstrap/3075: in-source dir fails

bootstrap/3090: compile fails on linux-m68k

bootstrap/3091: compilation of libgcc2.c requires frame.h (dropped from baseline)

bootstrap/3102: GCC 3.0 CVS bootstrap failure for alpha-dec-osf4.0d

bootstrap/3103: 3.0 bootstrap failure on alpha-dec-osf5.0 (5.0A)

bootstrap/3105: bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

bootstrap/3106: gcc/libiberty/strerror.c:468: conflicting types for `sys_nerr at FreeBSD4.3

Re: bootstrap/3106: gcc/libiberty/strerror.c:468: conflicting typesfor `sys_nerr at FreeBSD4.3

Re: bootstrap/3124

bootstrap/3124: failure building libstdc++ v3 on Debian 2.2

bootstrap/3143: mips-elf and mips-rtems unbuildable on 3.0 branch

bootstrap/3146: m68k-elf and m68k-rtems unbuildable on 3.0 branch

bootstrap/3147: arm-elf and arm-rtems unbuildable on 3.0 branch

bootstrap/3156: gthr-default.h:424: `pthread_key_delete' undeclared

bootstrap/3162: libiberty's test for working strncmp fails on some systems

Re: bootstrap/3163

bootstrap/3163: gcc/aclocal.m4 mmap test fails on UnixWare 7.1.1

Re: bootstrap/3173

bootstrap/3173: h8300-coff fails to build on gcc-3.0-20010611

bootstrap/3176: relocatable problem on powerpc-eabi and powerpc-rtems

bootstrap/3179: i960-coff fails to build

Re: bootstrap/3182

bootstrap/3182: arm-linux bootstrap fails while configuring libjava

bootstrap/3188: I define bit fields in a long long, union the long long, and print.

bootstrap/3196: Internal compiler error in subreg_highpart_offset in gnu/gcj/math/.libs/MPN.o

bootstrap/3216: buildir == srcdir setup fails at make install time

bootstrap/3219: autoheader: No template for symbol `_POSIX_SOURCE'

bootstrap/3220: ICE in subreg_highpart_offset, at emit-rtl.c:1171

bootstrap/3223: configuration problem with iconv

bootstrap/3225: --program-prefix=pre3- ignored for some of the installed programs

bootstrap/3228: bootstrap of gcc 3.0 fails in libstdc++ on tru64 unix 5.0

bootstrap/3229: Bootstrap failure on redhat 6.2/gcc-2.95.2

bootstrap/3231: gcc 2.95.3 build fail on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20 with vendor cc

Re: bootstrap/3236

bootstrap/3236: gcc-3.0 make bootstrap doesn't work on redhat 7.1

bootstrap/3238: bootstrap failure on libjava on sparc-sun-solaris2.6

bootstrap/3249: gcc 3.0 will not compile on Intel System with Solaris 8

bootstrap/3250: gcc 3.0 will not compile on SPARC Solaris 2.5.1 system

bootstrap/3251: libobjc fails to link

bootstrap/3253: what is this

bootstrap/3255: gcc-3.0 fails to build on HP-UX 10.20 using gcc-2.95.2

bootstrap/3262: Problem compiling GCC-3.0 on i586-pc-linux-gnu with gcc-2.95.2

bootstrap/3263: g++ 3.0 fails in 64 bit mode

bootstrap/3266: gthr-rtems.h bug impacts *-rtems

bootstrap/3268: Nested include in GCC 3.0 due to small mistake in tm.h file

bootstrap/3275: install to i386-solaris2.8

bootstrap/3281: Installation failure (mkinstalldirs)

bootstrap/3288: Segmentation fault in stage3_build (Solaris 2.5.1)

bootstrap/3293: error in gcc/include/stdio.h parsing??

bootstrap/3294: GCC 3.0: error in gcc/include/stdio.h parsing?? (addendum)

bootstrap/3295: gencheck dumps core

bootstrap/3302: gcc 3.0 bootstrap fails on fresh mandrake 8.0 install

bootstrap/3303: gcc-3.0 bootstrap fails using GNU ld on Solaris

bootstrap/3312: GCC-H8300: target build failure

bootstrap/3313: GCC-SH: shift_costs indexed incorrectly on sh-elf target

bootstrap/3314: --enable-threads does not seem to be working for HP-UX 11.00

bootstrap/3316: GCC-v850: compiler for v850-elf target fails to build

bootstrap/3317: GCC-MCORE: compiler for mcore-elf target fails to build

bootstrap/3318: GCC-M68k: compiler for target m68k-elf fails to build

bootstrap/3319: GCC-A29K: compiler for target a29k-coff fails to build

bootstrap/3321: "make bootstrap" fails on i686-pc-cygwin - #include nested too deeply

bootstrap/3327: make bootstrap-lean failure on rs6000 aix 4.2.1

bootstrap/3334: fails to bootstrap with gcc-3.0

bootstrap/3335: failed bootstrap on Mandrake 8

bootstrap/3346: compiler build dies with loader error

bootstrap/3362: HP-UX 11.0 w/ gcc-3.0 build problems

bootstrap/3364: a29k-coff fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3365: i960-coff fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3366: i960-elf fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3367: m68k-coff fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3368: m68k-elf fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3369: powerpc-unknown-eabi fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3370: sh-coff fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3371: sh-elf fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

bootstrap/3372: v850-elf fails to compile on gcc 3.0 CVS branch

Re: bootstrap/3373

bootstrap/3373: make bootstrap fails in libjava if --with-gnu-as is used

bootstrap/3374: Bootstrap failure with -O -fomit-frame-pointer

bootstrap/3375: gcc-3.0 fails to compile on Solaris 2.7

bootstrap/3380: bootstrap comparison failed on java/parse.o

bootstrap/3382: couldn't build compiler collection

bootstrap/3388: 3.0 bootstrap failure, native sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1, fixinc/fixincl.c

bootstrap/3401: Critical problems with Gcc-3.0

bootstrap/3412: -mcoff in CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS_S

bootstrap/3421: make bootstrap problem

Re: bootstrap/3430: configure for libstdc++-v3 fails on Tru64 Alpha

bootstrap/3432: Attempt to build on DEC UNIX 5.0 dies with internal compiler error

bootstrap/3437: vxworks cross-compile problem because of fixincludes

bootstrap/3442: followup to PR3440

bootstrap/3449: segfault on compile

bootstrap/3451: boostrap aborted

bootstrap/3453: Make bootstrap error.

bootstrap/3456: bootstrapping gcc-3.0 with treadmodel=posix fails on IRIX64 6.5

bootstrap/3459: Cannot build gcc-3.0 cross compiler

bootstrap/3460: broken libgcc2 -fPIC

bootstrap/3470: errors building sparc64-elf compiler ("native")

Re: bootstrap/3472

bootstrap/3472: 3.0 fails on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 (problems with either GNU ld or Sun ld)

bootstrap/3479: gcc 3.0 ICE on arm multilib target

bootstrap/3483: gcc 3.0 will not compile on Solaris 2.6 with tradcif.o error

bootstrap/3484: Dies during build

Re: bootstrap/927: stage1/xgcc from branch 1.256.2 crashes when compiling gcc/global.c version

Re: bootstrap/979: make bootstrap fails with segmentation fault

Breakage in flow with table jumps

Re: bug 3089

Bug building cross compilers from gcc 3.0: test -x $AS in configure.in

BUG in 2.95.3 - wrong asm code provokes an input variable to be nullified

Bug in optimization under Linunx/x86

bug or specification ? (gcc 3.0)

Bug report

bug report: Internal compiler error

Bug: "-Xlinker -E" option stops g++ from adding -lstdc++ to link

Build failure for m68k-elf on gcc-3.0 branch

Build failure for powerpc-eabi with default cpu on gcc-20010611 snapshot

Build for "K6" working in v3.0?

Build Optimization triggers testsuite failures

Re: C++ PATCH: Fix ctor vtables for extreme virtual inheritance

Re: c++/114

Re: c++/114: constructor attribute doesn't work in g++ 2.95

Re: c++/1849: alpha-dec-osf4.0f: math/mycabsf.c "hard register" compile failure

Re: c++/1975: ICE for -O2 compile of nested throw in nested default/switch/conditional/destructor.

Re: c++/1997: gcc-20010122 ice on Blitz++ testuite; compiles .ii files!

Re: c++/2234: incorrect file names

Re: c++/2253: gcc-3.0 cannot compile mysql

Re: c++/2276: Crash when a virtual base class constructor throws an exception

Re: c++/2367

Re: c++/2367: Internal compiler error

Re: c++/2589: Virtual functions cause internal compiler error in GCC2.95 with -ggdb.

Re: c++/2630: Internal error #73 in process_overload_item,

Re: c++/2632: Internal compiler error in `make_decl_rtl', at varasm.c:

Re: c++/2679: The compiler gives a Segmentation Fault when debug option is passed (-g)

Re: c++/2742: Internal compiler error in dwarfout_finish, at dwarfout.c:6067

Re: c++/2747: g++ crashes on illegal code template<...> typename dd;

Re: c++/2758: gcc 3.0 20010506 aliasing problem -O2

Re: c++/2814: dwarf2out problems when -g1 is combined with -fpic on i686-linux

Re: c++/2814: dwarf2out problems when -g1 is combined with -fpic oni686-linux

Re: c++/2817: g++.abi/vtable2.C not aliasing safe?

Re: c++/2846: gcc 2.95.2/3 have an ice while building clanlib (www.clanlib.org)

Re: c++/2885: Internal compiler error in `output_die', at dwarf2out.c:5433

Re: c++/2901: Program crash when using -fno-rtti with exceptions

Re: c++/2909: when trying to build and install the gcc

Re: c++/2914: gcc 3.0 crashes on xalan DoubleSupport.cpp

Re: c++/2935: internal compiler error gcc

Re: c++/2988: Incorrect error on assignment of const char[] to char *

Re: c++/3002

Re: c++/3002: internal compiler error on ia64 itanium for orbacus 3.

Re: c++/3004

Re: c++/3005

Re: c++/3006: bad code for complicated virtual inheritance (regression from 2.95)

Re: c++/3009

Re: c++/3011

Re: c++/3012

Re: c++/3012: c++ bug

Re: c++/3015

Re: c++/3015: Internal compiler error on illegal code

Re: c++/3020: using operator-> within the class that defines it

c++/3024: class inheritance of template arguments fail

Re: c++/3025

c++/3025: duplicate class def

Re: c++/3028

Re: c++/3028: 3.0 Compiler complains about template that used to work under 2.95

Re: c++/3028: 3.0 Compiler complains about template that used to work under 2.95

c++/3028: 3.0 Compiler complains about template that used to work under 2.95

c++/3029: unable to build gcc-2.95.3 on Tru64 v5.1 and EV6

c++/3030: Solaris, shared libraries don't throw() properly

c++/3032: Suggestion on Error and Warning Messages

Re: c++/3033

c++/3033: 'using typename' construct doesn't work

c++/3043: Inernal compiler error

c++/3047: g++ does not define _LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS needed for <signal.h> on IRIX

c++/3048: Lookup problem (gcc 2.95 regression)

c++/3056: gcc 2.95.3 -- atexit not catching exit() call following longjmp

c++/3057: Error Compiling C++ on Solaris 2.6

c++/3058: Compilation Error - Requested Reporting

c++/3061: kde2/artsd miscompilation (part 2)

c++/3063: Explicit specification of a template-argument gives syntax error inside a template function.

c++/3064: optimizer fails to genrate correct code.

c++/3068: build errors out duriing llibstdc++ phase(?)

c++/3069: Internal error compiling libstdc++-v3

c++/3073: template member function gives error

c++/3079: Internal compiler error 40

c++/3080: Integer template parameter not matching

Re: c++/3082

c++/3082: C++ EH is broken for multithreaded programs

c++/3084: anonymous namespace linking

Re: c++/3085: Internal compiler error compiling a gtk-- test prog.

c++/3086: Suggested extension to a template related warning.

c++/3088: GCC crash while compiling large c++ file.

c++/3089: ICE in dfs_accumulate_vtbl_inits

c++/3098: cygwin: undefined reference to `___deregister_frame_info_bases

c++/3099: cygwin: Many g++ EH failures

Re: c++/3099: cygwin: Many g++ EH failures

c++/3100: fails to compile syntactically correct code

c++/3101: ICE -- seg. fault compiling and encountering C::Angle(...)

c++/3107: internal compiler error on template function

c++/3111: Demangler in libiberty.a is broken

c++/3115: g++ find a friend operator while it should not

Re: c++/3121: ICE whilst compiling omniORB

c++/3123: A class derivated from a namespace causes an internal compiler error

c++/3130: ICE in build_rtti_vtbl_entries with complex virtual derivation

Re: c++/3131: snyder@fnal.gov

c++/3132: Missing dtor thunk with complicated virtual derivation

Re: c++/3135: internal compiler error on kdelibs/arts/soundserver/wavplayobject_impl.cc

c++/3136: Misleading error message / Bug?

c++/3138: Internal Error 56 on nasty (legal) template stuff

c++/3145: virtual inheritance still creates wrong code

Re: c++/3152: g++-3.0 segfaults when compiling program using -g

c++/3153: stack allocated array compiler bug

Re: c++/3154

c++/3154: Tree check: expected class 't', have 'd' (type_decl) in is_aggr_type, at cp/init.c:1435

c++/3155: Internal compiler error

c++/3157: gives segmentation fault

c++/3166: ICE in genrtl_compound_stmt

c++/3167: Copyconstructor not called when entering function (var args)

c++/3168: [Small Correction of PR 3167]

c++/3169: GCC crashes when assigning a template function to a pointer to function variable

c++/3171: Copy constructor does not accept parameter by value

c++/3175: CTOR/DTOR Mismatch Error

c++/3178: Dump format for typedefs of class types is very awkward

c++/3187: gcc-3.0 prerelease lays down two copies of constructors

Re: c++/3189

Re: c++/3189: C++ Internal Compiler Error

c++/3193: -G vs ( -shared or -symbolic )

c++/3194: to many calls to copy ctor

c++/3200: ice with default arg in inner template

c++/3201: ICE on typename ::template scoperef combo

c++/3203: EH does not work on AIX

c++/3204: EH does not work on AIX

c++/3206: missing when mangling name for ofsteram constructor

c++/3211: Incorrect, substitution related mangling.

c++/3222: Template instanciation problem, snapshot 20010611

c++/3230: False warning for 'returning reference to temporary'

c++/3239: template specializations and namespace issues

c++/3240: sh-elf libstdc++-v3 does not build

c++/3241: c++ core dump on large structure definitions.

c++/3242: Forwarding using 'using' of base members broken?

c++/3244: Exception handling fails in 2.95.2 and 2.95.3 in various ways

c++/3252: a struct member cannot have a name that is also a typedef

c++/3254: Internal compiler error on __static_initialization_and_destruction_0

c++/3256: wrong code with throw / catch and optimization

c++/3257: throw / try and optimization wrong with option '-O2'

c++/3274: gcc-3.0 bug

c++/3280: using mem_fun1_t with array as argument type

c++/3282: Problems with throw and destuctor callings

c++/3283: using declaration of overloaded member function in derived class definition

c++/3287: usleep() undeclared

c++/3290: SEGV in the ctor of a complex multiple inherited class

c++/3291: gcc 3.0 cannot compile a file with -O3 that can be compiled without optimization

c++/3292: g++ Segmentation fault

Re: c++/3299

c++/3299: __attribute__((aligned(16))) seems to be ignored on x86

c++/3300: using declaration does not change member accessibility correctly

c++/3301: gcc 3.0.1 20010618 breaks kdelibs-2.1.2 build

c++/3304: g++ accepts array definition with non-constant dimensions

c++/3309: 'string' typedef bug

Re: c++/3309: Incorrect compilation error.

c++/3310: RTTI dynamic_cast fails for dynamic modules with common lib.

c++/3331: GCC 3.0, const member pointer error

c++/3332: friend function declaration in a class in a namespace causes error

c++/3333: Using declaration doesn't work with classes.

c++/3336: Internal Compiler Error

c++/3350: Partial specialization with pointer to member template parameters

c++/3351: GCC 3.0 does not compile template-friend in nested template-struct.

c++/3354: Internal compiler error while compiling ORBIX 3.3 CORBA code

c++/3356: Multiple inheritance and throw()

Re: c++/3356: Multiple inheritance from a class that has a throw() destructor doesn't compile

c++/3359: Struct.C:16: Internal compiler error.

c++/3360: `and, `or', `xor' ... variable names

c++/3363: Missing stl_config.h inclusion in stl_alloc.h

c++/3381: explicit template instantations fail with absolutely qualified names

c++/3383: covariant returns types not implemented

c++/3385: -std=foo doesn't work with C++

c++/3389: gcc-3.0 doesn't build shared C++ library on i386-pc-gnu

c++/3390: Can't pass a reference to temporary objects

c++/3391: The compiler gives a Segmentation Fault when debug option is passed (-g)

c++/3394: Attribute in derived class crashes compiler. Regression.

c++/3395: Attribute causes type lookup to fail. Regression.

c++/3396: template conversion operator

Re: c++/3398

c++/3398: "using" with member-function template

c++/3400: doesn't compile simple hierarchy with overlaoding

c++/3402: GCC 3.0 does not compile using push_back function on a vector of pairs of const strings

c++/3406: Parse error on valid expression

c++/3416: gcc-3.0 Internal compiler error in arg_assoc, at cp/decl2.c:4902

c++/3423: "iterator" name lookup trouble

c++/3424: One templatized nested class deriving from another

c++/3425: Error whith template and STL.

c++/3431: ice while emitting debug info

Re: c++/3433

c++/3433: tree-check fails on int template arg as initializer

c++/3434: tree-check fails on int template arg as static initializer

c++/3435: c++ segfaults while compiling mozilla build

c++/3445: c++ keywords

c++/3447: c++ egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux gives internal compiler error

c++/3448: class method as parameter

c++/3450: internal compiler error on my incorrect syntax

c++/3458: interbal compiler error

c++/3461: Internal compiler error while compiling ncurses-5.2 comp_hash.c (do_alloc.c)

c++/3462: base class ctor in initializer list problem

c++/3466: Internal error in gcc 3.0 / Linux

c++/3471: gcc 3.01 reports error about a private copy constructor that shouldn't get called.

c++/3475: fabs == identity (i.e. fabs broken)

c++/3476: wrong `const' behaviour

c++/3478: ICE when using enum from template class

c++/3494: Internal compiler error (with wrong code, though)

c++/3496: template parm shadow reporting when it is not

Re: c++/712: bad formatting of warning message

Re: c++/80: g++ enum bug

Re: c++/867: g++ does not compile qt library's kernel/moc_qnetworkprotocol.cpp

Re: c++/906: g++ will not compile qt-2.2.1

Re: c++/948: internal compiler error in "dwarfout_finish"

C++: today's cvs yields segmentation faults on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

Re: c/1048: Seems to mis-compile for loop init expression

Re: c/1642: problem with inline assembler: result variable not finished (?) when used

c/191 is still a problem?

Re: c/2035: Internal compiler error on complex casts. Only with optimisation.

Re: c/2035: Internal compiler error on complex casts. Only withoptimisation.

Re: c/2047: Internal compiler error in `require_complete_type', at c-typeck.c:96

Re: c/2160: signal 11 when compiling large generated program

Re: c/2168: genattr abort during cross compilation

Re: c/2170: gcc version 2.95.3 19991030 (prerelease) stops with Error 1 when trying to make postfix-release-20010228 on OpenBSD 2.8 (ports)

Re: c/2365: gcc 2.95.3 bison and msgfmt problem

Re: c/2381: conflicting types for `va_list' (Solaris 8 Intel)

Re: c/2397: big char array causes segfault

Re: c/2404: arm-linux-gcc ice

Re: c/2419: GCC 2.96 FP bit manipulation snafu

Re: c/2456: gcc crashes in build_insn_chain

Re: c/2481: Internal compiler error in `change_address', at emit-rtl.c:1584

Re: c/2487: arm-linux-gcc

Re: c/2562: Compile error when try to compile CVS-HEAD of gcc on hp-ux

Re: c/2621

Re: c/2635: Incorrect output in SIMPLE program when using -O2 (Both Linux and Solaris) gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)

Re: c/2681: Attempting to compile public gated code and getting segmentation fault

Re: c/2788: Can't compile linux-2.4.2 kernel on alpha ev5

Re: c/2896: -std=foo gives error message twice

Re: c/2978: won't compile

c/3031: GCC_EXEC_PREFIX does not work properly on 2.95.3

c/3037: ARM port: Wrong flow info after reload

c/3038: inconsistent operand constraints: "=m" ... "0"

c/3074: Statement with no effect not flagged with -Wall

c/3076: gcc 2.96 (or 3.0) -ANSI does not work right

c/3077: Internal compiler error message received

c/3092: gcc fails to compile crtstuff.c for linux-m68k

c/3095: gcc miscompiles __udivdi3 (libgcc2.c) for linux-m68k

c/3112: printf error for structs with "long long" members

c/3116: Bug with using oldstyle prototype declarations

c/3120: __builtin_fsqrt still on mainline

c/3127: gcc-2.95.3 has very slight error in gcc/function.c

Re: c/3128

c/3128: gcc3.0 miscompiles Linux/ia64 kernel

c/3159: gcc-ss-20010611 ICE on ia64-linux

c/3165: ANSI C standard violation

c/3170: bogus "suggest parentheses" warning

c/3190: -Wformat-y2k doesn't belong to -Wall - it's hard to avoid

c/3215: gcc-2.95.3 and 2.95.4 - incorrect handling of the local stack frame

c/3221: simplify_gen_subreg ICE for mips compiler

c/3233: gcc 3.0 segmentation fault while compiling it self

c/3235: Internal compiler error in instantiate_virtual_regs_1

c/3245: bad code generated

c/3246: gcc -Wconversion doesn't work properly

c/3259: ({ }) and -Wall

c/3276: pngset.c: In function `png_set_cHRM': pngset.c:973: Internal compiler error in gen_reg_rtx, at emit-rtl.c:542

Re: c/3297

c/3297: fixincludes (?) removes pthread types from types.h

c/3308: rwblob.c:171: Internal compiler error in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

c/3324: wrong operator priority

c/3325: wrong code with bitfields and integer modulo operator

c/3326: wrong code with bitfields and integer division operator

c/3328: wrong code with Optimization '-O'

c/3343: gcc compiled code gives segmentation fault

c/3344: internal compiler error in 'change_address', at emit-rtl.c on alpha

c/3345: incorrect order of evaluation of + operator

c/3347: Too large bitfields should be errors

c/3376: optimised code wrong in simple for statement

c/3379: gcc 3.0 gives incomprehensible error using explicit __func__

c/3403: Internal compiler error in update_equiv_regs

c/3408: spurious, misplaced warning: 'will never be executed'

c/3414: Inaccurate documentation of __attribute__((malloc))

c/3422: Parentheses eating

c/3428: GCC-2.95.3 on target arc-elf32 generates bad code.

c/3429: GCC-2.95.3 on target arc-elf32 generates bad code.

c/3440: pointer to a struct changes when no assignment has been made to it

c/3444: Test fails (cast)

c/3454: cc1 segmentation fault when building gcc 3.0 cross compiler

c/3455: cc1 segmentation fault when building gcc 3.0 cross compiler

c/3463: A problem with long long ints

c/3464: simple comparision gives wrong result on -maix64 with any optimization

c/3467: Although told to adhere to C99, reports C89 violation

c/3481: function attributes should apply to function pointers too

c/3498: gcc3.0.1 ICE

c/3500: location of output .d (dependancy file from -MMR switch) has changed from previous releases

c/3501: Correction to problem report #3500 (location of output .d (dependancy file from -MMR switch) has changed from previous releases)

Re: c/545: -std=c89 defines macros it shouldn't

Re: c/761: Undocumented options, part 1

Re: c/805: gcc 2.95.2 reorders subexpressions of boolean operators

Re: c/848: [enable-checking] ICE in store_constructor, at expr.c:4412

Close PR/1820, PR/2438, PR/1059 and (conditionally) PR/2287

Combine PR3176 and 3369

compile time err. please help

could be a library problem. INT_MAX

CPP Problem

Critical problems with Gcc-3.0

Cross-GCC/sys-include bug

current 3.0 on status on embedded targets

Current CVS trunk on i686 produce new: Unrecognizable insn

CVS mainline sh-elf target build failure

CVS sh-elf: someone broke the build

CVS trunk bootstrap failure on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu

dbxout_init() botches labels

Re: debug/1043: line information unmatch(ELF dwarf format)

Re: debug/138: egcs internal compiler error on dwarf-2

Re: debug/1819: severe problems debugging c++-code (libstdc++)

Re: debug/2829: Invalid stabx storage class for GCC marker

Re: debug/2971: Type of variable is wrong in dwarf2 debugging info

Re: debug/2984: File name information is incorrect in debug output

debug/3152: g++-3.0 segfaults when compiling program using -g

debug/3160: gcc-ss-200106011 ICE on ia64-linux

debug/3164: gcc-ss-20010611 ICE on ia64-linux

debug/3202: incorrect debugging line number and/or file

debug/3267: C++ debugging information refers to incorrect line

debug/3352: extern/inline combination in try/catch causes wrong lineinfo for all symbols in file

debug/3468: GCC 3.0 produces invalid .def directive for virtual template


Don't use -fomit-frame-pointer on i686 with gcc-3!

duplicate #define in gcc/config/sparc/sp64-elf.h

Re: Dynamic linker is unable to find GCC libraries

Dynamic Relocation Error (g++ 3.0)

EH on cygwin - sjlj or frame unwinding model?

error compiling linux kernel v2.4.5-ac17

execute/20010114-2.c not a bug.

fail to build gcc 3.0 on Solaris /x86

Re: Failure of test g++.dg/mangle.C on cygwin.

feature request: please display parse error context

fixincludes/3195 PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER on Solaris

followup Re: could be a library problem. INT_MAX

fortran/3125: g77 fails in compiling BLAS3 complex routines testing code

fortran/3148: Error: libg2c.a is 32-bit when a 64-bit object is expected

fortran/3183: Strange warning messages.

fortran/3191: g77 -msse ICE on minsf pattern

fortran/3392: ICE in function_arg, at config/mips/mips.c:4007

fortran/3393: ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2173

freebsd fails to bootstrap since Friday night

Further on gcc-3.0 sparc-solaris bootstrap failure

g++ 3.0 doesn't know that exit() doesn't return on Solaris

g++ 3.1 EH broken for irix6.5

g++ bug

g++ bug report

g++ ice with ostringstream on x86 linux

Re:Re: G++ preprocessor problem with unary ## -- summary

g++ regression - or not ?

g++ segfaults whilst compiling Mozilla with -O3

g++-3.0 bug in cout

g++-3.0 vs. kdelibs-2.1.2

g77 Bug

gcc 2.95.2-151 / 32-bit integers

gcc 2.96 (RedHat): ICE in spill_failure on legal source (fwd)

GCC 3.0 20010526: compiler goes into infinite loop during parsing C++

GCC 3.0 20010614 bootstrap failure due to locale collation problems

GCC 3.0 branch doesn't build on HPUX 11.00

gcc 3.0 doesn't compile gcc

GCC 3.0 fails to bootstrap for mips-sgi-irix5.3 with gas 2.11.2

gcc 3.0 internal compiler error at varasm.c:591

gcc 3.0: incorrect line number (344) in specific error message

GCC : Missing mkinstalldirs files when 'make install'

gcc bug

GCC Build Error

Re: gcc error: warning: pasting "syn" and ")" does not give a valid preprocessing token

gcc error: warning: pasting "syn" and ")" does not give a valid preprocessing token

GCC fails to inline a short function

gcc-2.95.3: exceptions from shared libraries result in abort

gcc-2_95-branch without egcs_update problem

gcc-3.0 bootstrap failure on hppa64-hp-hpux11.00

gcc-3.0 bug in unixware 7.1.1 (serious)

gcc-3.0 Internal error #19991203

gcc-3.0 on HPUX-11

gcc-3.0 pb with macro __STDC_VERSION__

gcc-3.0 segfault

gcc-3.0-20010611 installation problem on Solaris 2.7

gcc-3.0-to-be-released-today doesn't bootstrap on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu.

gcc-3.0; Next 3.3; bus error in stage2

Re: gcc-bugs: gcc-3.0 pre, problems with _Bool arguments on stack-up

Re: gcc/libstdc++-v3 ChangeLog acinclude.m4 acloca ...

gcc3.0 error halts make of linux kernel 2.2

gcc: bad NLS support on glibc-2.2 systems

gdb/gcc under Tru64 v5.1

generic thunk code fails...

glibc-2.2.3+nis patch, gcc-2.95.4 && gcc-3.0 CVS

Re: GNU ObjC runtime bug.

H8300-HMS: target still broken

how to select target thread model in libstdc++-v3

Re: howto restrict Warnings to non-system files?

HP-UX 10.20 won't build 3.0-20010611's libstdc++-v3

hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00 gcc-3.0 segmentation fault with option -fstats

hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00 linker error: spurious behaviour of -fweak (differs from i686-pc-linux-gnu)

hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00 linker error: spurious behaviour of -fweak (differs from i686-pc-linux-gnu)

hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00: linkage problems with explicit instantiation

hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00: ucomp dies during linkage stage

hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.0: configure failure


I am back again! (the guy who is so stupid and tries to build a 64 bit version on hpux-11.0)

i386 `-fPIC -fexceptions'

i486-linux-glibc1 Bootstrap failure in 3.0

i960 soft float patch

ICE - Compiling gzip fails

ICE with tree checking on i686-linux (gcc 3.0 branch)

include/g++/bits/std_cstdio.h:115: `vfscanf' not declared

Increased testsuite failues in binutils-2.11.1 using gcc-3.01

Internal Compiler Error at function.c:3911

Internal compiler error under g++-2.95.2 on i686-pc-linux-gnu

internal compiler error: unrecognized insn

Invalid number of occurrencies in arrays

invoke.texi: -mbuild-constants Ill-formed Sentence

irix6.5 bootstrap failure - vscanf and vsscanf not declared

Re: java/1159

Re: java/1314: Multiple empty instance initializers put compiler into endless malloc loop

Re: java/1376

Re: java/1412

Re: java/1681: Internal error during compilation of assigment expression

Re: java/1932

Re: java/1954: problem with gcj

Re: java/2060

Re: java/2096

Re: java/2299

Re: java/2319: invalid UTF-8 sequences should be rejected

Re: java/2361

Re: java/2375

Re: java/247

Re: java/2507

Re: java/2508

Re: java/2530: java-interp.h (in gcc 3.0) fails to compile with certain options

Re: java/2605

Re: java/2607

Re: java/2633: crash in gcc-01-04-24

Re: java/2698

Re: java/2731: jartool.c:539: undefined reference to `strdup'

Re: java/2812: Build failure; missing symbols (iconv) in link of jc1

Re: java/2812: Build failure; missing symbols (iconv) in link ofjc1

Re: java/2955

Re: java/2955: target configure-target-boehm-gc do not compile

java/3062: java eh crash in gcc3 branch

Re: java/3062: optimized eh code crashes

java/3093: gcj doesn't not finish building when the --enable-java-awt=xlib option is set

java/3096: GCJ does not increment

Re: java/3097

java/3097: Divide by zero does not work with long

java/3248: problem with java option -femit-class-files

java/3285: gcj fails to resolve constructor calls in inner classes

java/3397: Internal compiler error on /gcc-3.0/libjava/java/lang/k_tan.c

java/3417: Downcast on integral types.

java/3426: java.io.InputStreamReader, infinite loop

java/3441: fastjar zlib

java/3490: internal error using static synchronized

java/3492: -fno-bounds-check in combination with -W gives strange message

Large increase in testsuite failures in optimized 3.0 20010613 (prerelease)

Re: Large increase in testsuite failures in optimized 3.0 20010613(prerelease)

Latest CVS; solaris 2.7; stage1 build error

ld.so : bad dynamic tag

Re: libgcj/2730: -d and --output-class-dir= fail to place the .o file in the output dir

Re: libgcj/2737: User-defined thrown exception is not found

Re: libgcj/2745: Recompiles after successful 'gmake' when 'gmake install' is tried

Re: libgcj/2745: Recompiles after successful 'gmake' when 'gmakeinstall' is tried

Re: libgcj/2746: Bundled zip overvrites higher versioned zip in /usr/local/bin/zip

Re: libgcj/2808: Makefile generates broken Object.h and Class.h

Re: libgcj/2833: New testsuite failures on 3.0 branch

Re: libgcj/2874: libjava testsuite disk space usage

libgcj/3059: System doesn't set java.home property

libgcj/3060: classpath.security file not installed

libgcj/3065: java.security doesn't implement aliases

libgcj/3144: java.lang.Date.compareTo() not supported

libgcj/3208: java.net.InetAddresss appears to be mis-serialized

libgcj/3419: unresolved symbols when gcj -static is used

libgcj/3499: Calendar return GMT in non-GMT timezone, such as JST-9

libjava does not bootstrap on i686 (mainstream)

libobjc/3237: Fatal error during compile of gcc 3.0

libobjc/3270: ICE compiling libobjc on i386 for soft-float

Re: libobjc/917: Build failed

libstdc++.so.3 not found

Re: libstdc++/1620 now really fixed

Re: libstdc++/1660: memory leak in ostrstream

Re: libstdc++/1851: seg fault in global basic_string construction

Re: libstdc++/1853: <deque> deallocates unowned memory within .pop_back()

Re: libstdc++/1857: bitset::operator<<= and >>= incorrect for multiples of 32

Re: libstdc++/2054: g++-3 rejects legal code, accepted by g++-2.95.2 (functors)

Re: libstdc++/2054: g++-3 rejects legal code, accepted by g++-2.95.2(functors)

Re: libstdc++/2071: seeking on standard input

Re: libstdc++/2211

Re: libstdc++/2211: Performance regression for cin.read with respect to g++-2.95.2 ?

Re: libstdc++/2346: Problems with seekg (rewind)?

Re: libstdc++/2767: Problems with the new bits/std_cstring.h header

Re: libstdc++/2772: bind2nd(mem_fun1_ref) does not work

Re: libstdc++/2841

Re: libstdc++/2921: exception::what() return '9exception', not 'exception'

Re: libstdc++/2923: signed/unsigned comparison in stringbuf::sync()

Re: libstdc++/2932: new operator segfaults for arrays using pthreads on hpux

Re: libstdc++/2977: string.h doesn't always inject names into std::

Re: libstdc++/2989: ambiguous overload of strcpy when including iostream

Re: libstdc++/2992: 3.0: string functions not always accessible

libstdc++/3026: namespace errors in <complext.h> and other .h

libstdc++/3034: DR 214

libstdc++/3035: make_pair overly restrictive

libstdc++/3036: pair constructor not updated per DR 265

libstdc++/3042: static class members in V3 shared library

libstdc++/3045: global stream objects destructor semantics

libstdc++/3052: 3.0 unresolved ref to sqrtf

libstdc++/3054: string.h conditionally wrapped in namespace std

libstdc++/3070: unresolved fsqrt at link using sqrt and <cmath>

libstdc++/3094: Including <string.h> fails to bring strlen() into global namespace

Re: libstdc++/3113

libstdc++/3113: DR 109: missing binders for non-const sequence elements

libstdc++/3114: DR 129: ostream::seekp() does not report an error

libstdc++/3126: DR 5: std::string::compare

libstdc++/3129: std::ios_base::_M_grow_words vs. DR 41

libstdc++/3137: v3 build fails due to compile error in complex_io.cc

libstdc++/3139: DR 184: numeric_limits<bool> problems

libstdc++/3140: DR 186: bitset::set() second parameter should be bool

libstdc++/3141: DR 243: basic_istream::get and getline when sentry reports failure

libstdc++/3142: DR 251: basic_stringbuf missing allocator_type

libstdc++/3149: Ready 275: Wrong type in num_get::get() overloads

libstdc++/3150: Ready 266: ~bad_exception,~bad_cast, ~bad_alloc, ~bad_typeid

libstdc++/3151: Ready 117: basic_ostream uses nonexistent num_put member functions

Re: libstdc++/3158: methods are wrongly implemented private in slice_array

Re: libstdc++/3158: methods are wrongly implemented private inslice_array

libstdc++/3174: sparc-rtems (also seen on i386-rtems)

libstdc++/3181: Unable to use sqrt,cos,sin,... with int argument.

libstdc++/3184: sinf() used but may not exist on target


libstdc++/3195: STL warning on Solaris with GCC 3.0

libstdc++/3197: Segfault in basic_ios<>::widen

Re: libstdc++/3198

libstdc++/3198: Missing wide char functions crashes compile

libstdc++/3209: strstream fails because _STL_BEGIN_NAMESPACE is undefined

libstdc++/3243: /usr/local/gcc-3.0/include/g++-v3/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bits/gthr.h:98:26: gthr-default.h: No such file or directory

Re: libstdc++/3247

libstdc++/3247: valarray private member

libstdc++/3269: Inefficient stream output, one 'write' call per character

libstdc++/3272: ostream::operator<<(streambuf*) sets EOFBIT to output stream

Re: libstdc++/3284

libstdc++/3284: libstdc++-3 boot problem

libstdc++/3349: bug in map::insert(p,t)

libstdc++/3353: Problem while generating .h file...

libstdc++/3355: Build of gcc3.0 fails

libstdc++/3358: wrong return value of find_first_not_of

libstdc++/3377: missing std::__cmath_power<double>(double,unsigned)

libstdc++/3430: configure for libstdc++-v3 fails on Tru64 Alpha

libstdc++/3443: target CONFIG_SITE

libstdc++/3457: enable-version-specific-runtime-libs vs. gxx-include-dir

libstdc++/3465: Using option -I/usr/include breaks bits/std_c*.h

libstdc++/3473: comparison signed and unsigned integer expressions

Re: libstdc++/347: [v2] libio cannot deal with _G_fpos_t != _G_off_t

libstdc++/3497: after build problem

Re: libstdc++/470: bind2nd or mem_fun doesn't take a function with reference argument

Re: libstdc++/791: building --disable-static fails for gcc/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++

Re: libstdc++/943: Problems reading in complex numbers in a loop

libsupc++ compiler warning on eh_personality.cc

Linker Problem

linking error

linkonce sections, DWARF2 EH, and the ppc failures

low priority code cleanup needed for rs6000

make -j # bootstrap fails

make bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu (gcc-3_0-branch)

make install gcc-3.0

Makefile bugs in gcc-3.0

Many thanks from IRIX

Re: middle-end/2848: Flow mishandles conditional SETs where the mode is wider than a single register

Re: middle-end/3212

middle-end/3212: Failed to compile gnuboy (code generation error)

middle-end/3213: ICE when compiling gnuboy-0.9.13

middle-end/3410: Cannot build gcc 3.0 for arm-elf target; stage 2 compiler bug

Re: middle-end/3410: Cannot build gcc 3.0 for arm-elf target; stage2 compiler bug

middle-end/3474: __builtin_sqrtf calls sqrtf

Re: middle-end/852: -ggdb -O causes ICE in dwarf2out.c

A million "sorry, not implemented: `template_type_parm' not supported by dump_type_prefix" warnings on irix6.5

more on PR3179 (fortran and some target backends)

multi-threaded executable aborts with a core dump when throw is called

no bug, but: thank you!

NULL used in arithmetic warning not justified

oballoc usage in a29k and romp on gcc 3.0 branch

Re: objc/2287: Internal error while building GNUstep with GCC snapshot 5 march 2001

Re: objc/2902: collect2 doesn't ...: libtool should use collect2?

Re: objc/2940: Installation problem with libgcc_s.so

objc/3110: Followup to bug 3072, maybe 3019 too

objc/3133: Invalid loader fixup for symbol "__objc_class_name_Object"

Objective-C Protocols

odd build failure on trunk, i686-pc-linux-gnu

openssh, gcc-3.0, and glibc

Re: optimization/1762, please reopen

Re: optimization/1762: treatment of NaNs violates IEEE 754

Re: optimization/2076: scheduler ignores data dependency

Re: optimization/2907: libstdc++ compiled with optimization fails to initialize ios.

Re: optimization/2938: [Regression vs 2.95] Optimization with -O1 causes near infinite time

Re: optimization/2938: [Regression vs 2.95] Optimization with -O1causes near infinite time

Re: optimization/2967: gcc-2.95.4 hits internal error on the Hurd source with -O3

Re: optimization/2967: gcc-2.95.4 hits internal error on the Hurdsource with -O3

optimization/3027: gcc causes bus error on an ultra sparc architecture

optimization/3041: Stepanov Abstraction Penalty regression for powerpc-ibm-aix

optimization/3046: code incorrectly removed

optimization/3053: crash on armlinux and conditional execution

optimization/3078: First time through loop produces different result

optimization/3083: C++ frontend consumes inacceptable amounts of CPU with -O3

optimization/3122: ICE with RTL checking on i686-linux

optimization/3172: ICE when compiling with -O3

optimization/3177: Invalid sibcall optimisation on ia64

optimization/3186: behaviour of -ffloat-store seems reversed

optimization/3224: -fomit-frame-pointer generates wrong code (g77)

optimization/3226: Illegal code generated - fixed by -mno-push-args

optimization/3227: ICE compiling X code on mips-linux

optimization/3232: 'extract_bit_field' error on (const float&) cast of a double

optimization/3278: Solaris 8, gcc3.0 ICE with -O2, -O3, -Os (not -O, -O0, -O1)

Re: optimization/3289

optimization/3289: Illegal code generated with -O

optimization/3306: Internal Compiler error (UltraSPARC)

optimization/3311: GCC-SH: gcc loses result of AND operation due to force_to_mode bug

optimization/3323: gcc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fPIC references unitialized %ebp on x86

optimization/3329: optimization large memory copies uses kernel memcpy function without user's knowledge.

optimization/3330: optimization large memory copies uses kernel memcpy function without user's knowledge.

optimization/3357: wrong optimization with option '-O3'

optimization/3384: PowerPC -funroll-loops -fbranch-count-reg misoptimization

optimization/3387: GCC 3.0 optimisation -O2 -fPIC produces incorrect code

optimization/3399: internal compiler error at reload1.c:8355

optimization/3407: g++ compiles at -g and -O; fails to compile at -O2 and -O3,

optimization/3436: severe code quality regression when compiling gforth

optimization/3438: 'g++ -O2' fails, throw/catch with objects of type 'char'

optimization/3439: 'g++ -O2' fails with throw/catch and 'static float' , 'static double'

optimization/3446: a bug already seen in gcc 2.95.[12] now in gcc 3.0

optimization/3452: Endless recursion in canon_rtx

optimization/3480: gcc-3.0, bad code generated with -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer on intel x86 <synopsis of the problem (one line)>

optimization/3485: file that breaks -O3 in gcc3.0

Re: other/1078: Problems with attributes documentation

Re: other/1081: Copyrights on manuals

Re: other/2003: libgcc ABI

Re: other/2118: Error in Makefile (make -k check)

Re: other/2307: README points to deprecated INSTALL directory

Re: other/2774: Missing PRs

Re: other/2775: avr.h CVS corruption

Re: other/2857: i18n, translations does not work

other/3051: Internal compiler error compiling Asmutils

other/3055: Configure error-GCC-3 (CVS source for 6/5/2001) on HPUX 11.0: ltconfig and maximum length of command line operations in zlib

other/3066: configure.in generates bad arguments for cross compiling libraries

other/3161: Release tarball issues

other/3185: build failure

other/3199: Wrong expansion of __STRICT_ANSI__ in cpp.texi

Re: other/3207: BUGS file gives misleading advice wrt stringstream

other/3207: GCC 3.0 20010615 (prerelease): bug in BUGS file

other/3258: gcc does not correctly install into a target directory

other/3264: gcc -v --help crashes

other/3265: GCC 3.0 fails to build host=freebsd4.3 target=i386linux

Re: other/3286

other/3286: --program-suffix is ignored

other/3296: make install dies

other/3305: gcc-3.0 make -k check generates signigicant errors and runs few tests

other/3337: build on linux-gnulibc1 fails: no sys/ucontext.h

other/3338: Build 3.0 on Linux-glibc1 fails: missing include for sigcontext

other/3339: Build 3.0 on Linux-glibc1 fails: missing include for sigcontext.h (2)

other/3340: Build 3.0 on Linux-glibc1 fails: wrong include for syscall.h

other/3341: Build 3.0 on Linux-glibc1 fails: readdir_r undeclared

other/3342: Build 3.0 on Linux-glibc1 fails: undefined reference to `_IO_2_1_stdout_'

other/3348: Corrupt /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/ChangeLog,v

other/3378: make rebuilds

other/3386: Undocumented target macros in 3.0

other/3409: configure objdump

other/3415: noisy build process with incomplete cleanup

other/3477: gcc 3.0 installation

other/3486: After build problem

Re: other/669: gcc-2.95.2 Fails to Compile (stage 2) on RedHat 7.0 system

patch for Re: libstdc++/3174: sparc-rtems (also seen on i386-rtems)

Re: pending/2439: Re: g77.f-torture/execute/short.f -Os failure

Re: pending/2961: Bug#94974: Info received and FILED only

Re: pending/2964: Bug#94701: Info received and FILED only

Re: pending/2965: Bug#95318: Info received and FILED only

Re: pending/2966: Bug#97904: Info received and FILED only

Re: pending/3117: on vacation / Urlaub

Re: pending/3205: Document STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS


Please close c/2034

Please close PR c++/2234

Please close PR c++/2690

Please close PR debug/2377 and PR c++/2104

Please close PR libstdc++/1845

Please close PR libstdc++/1857

please reclassify PR3179 to fortran

please revisit PR C++/2733

PR/2939 must be reopened

preprocessor/3049: Conditional compilation using "#if A==B" broken on i386 Red Hat 7.0.

preprocessor/3081: Preprocessor merges 2 first lines when -imacros is being used

preprocessor/3104: pre-processor does not search $includedir

Re: preprocessor/3243: /usr/local/gcc-3.0/include/g++-v3/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bits/gthr.h:98:26: gthr-default.h: No such file or directory

preprocessor/3260: #include __FILE__ broken

preprocessor/3413: include_next does not work with -I/usr/include

preprocessor/3487: unrecognized token before #include points to wrong source

Re: preprocessor/74: preprocessor bug...

problem with java option -femit-class-files

Problem with volatile?

Problems assembling libffi/src/x86/sysv.S with Solaris 8/Intel native as

Problems with the errno

profiling support for i386-gnu specs file


Recent CVS; Next 3.3; Build error in unwind-dw2.c

Recent CVS; Next 3.3; stage 1 build error

related to bug

Release???--We still have testsuite failures

Requirements for ia64

scanf floating point bug?


sh-elf: CVS breakage

Shared Libary

Slow code generated by gcc-3.0 on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Small bug in rs6000/tramp.asm, how to resolve?

snapshot 20010514: -fno-vtable-thunks

snapshot 20010527 generates code which reads from below %esp (on i686-pc-linux-gnu)

Solaris & GCC Command Options

Solaris bootstrap broken again

Re: solaris2 libjava 500 failures

Solaris2 trunk failure w/C_alloca in gencodes

sparc solaris problems

sparc-rtems patches

Stack implementation

STOP!! Re: optimization/3407

Strange side-effect of -march=i386 on some builtin functions

stupid warning mechanism: error: -Wno-deprecated


Re: target/2427: Broken GIV replacement

Re: target/2467: MIPS cross-assembler reports error for constant PC-relative branches

Re: target/2828: arm-linux: cc1 consumes all memory [regression from 2.95]

Re: target/2866: float-int conversion causes infinite recursion on the h8300 port

Re: target/2878: ARM: cannot use 3.0 to build stage 1 of bootstrap; bad code generated at -O0?

Re: target/3037

Re: target/3037: ARM port: Wrong flow info after reload

target/3050: g++ snapshot 20010526 (x86) generates code which accesses below %esp

target/3108: bug while compiling the kernel in freebsd

target/3118: while compiling "arm-aout-binutils" port for freebsd 4.3, this error occured

target/3134: stack frame deallocated too early

target/3218: ARM/Thumb: Illegal byte-oriented stack instructions

Re: target/3234: configured with --with-gas, still calling /usr/ccs/bin/as iso gas

target/3234: Solaris2.5 not finding binutils for libjava and check

target/3298: fail to build cross compiler. internal error at emit-rtl.c:1109

Re: target/3383: covariant returns types not implemented

target/3418: --with-cpu=403 flag results in broken xgcc which segfaults on tmp-dum.c

Re: target/3427

target/3427: g++3.0 produces executables that don't work at all on Solaris 2.6

Re: target/441: [IRIX 6.2] g++ needs to define _LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS

Re: target/631: [FreeBSD x86] configure fails under FreeBSD 4.1.1-STABLE

Re: target/656: cpu=athlon breaks loop-tests in testsuite on athlon

Re: target/817: ARM compiler generates out-of-range accesses to constant pool data

template bug on HPUX 11 in GCC 3.0 branch

Template error in gcc 3.0 (works in 2.95.2)

template/friend bug(s)

template_type_parm and typename_type not supported by dump_type_prefix

Testsuite ?

todays's cvs: bootstrap error on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

trouble installing gcc 3.0 on solaris 2.6

Trouble with C-preprocessor

trouble, while compiling mozilla

Trunk failure w/solaris2 in stage1 libgcc2 (subreg_highpart_offset)

unable to compile gcc-3.0 on i686-pc-linux-gnu (getrusage pb)

Re: Unsaved register?

unwind-pe.h in gcc trunk doesn't compile

Re: V3: Problem on Solaris

Re: va_list undefined

We still have wrong file names in debug output (#line)

Re: web/2493: GNATSweb should discourage huge attachments

web/3044: Gnatsweb no longer working without Javascript

web/3119: Broken gcc mailing list archives

what causes <cpu> reasserted

Which g++ test bucket?

x86-linux bootstrap failure (Tree check stdexcept.cc:34)

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