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The "cannot open crt1.o" problem

-frepo g++ bug ?

-O3 -fno-default-inline

-pg option prevents -R getting to collect2

-Wreturn-type failing to report a warning (gcc-2.95.2)

20010220 snapshot internal error

20010226 ICE

[3.0] bootstrap failure: gensupport.c:807: Internal error

[3.0] bootstrap failure: libgcc2.c:3601, on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

[BUG: gcc-20010211]: ICE during compilation of libstdc++-v3/src/locale-inst.cc on armv4l-unknown-linux-gnu

[head] Bootstrap failure: libgcc2.c:747: Internal compiler error invalidate_replace_src

[head] Java bootstrap failure: natClip.cc:26: syntax error before`;'

Re: [head] Java bootstrap failure: natClip.cc:26: syntax errorbefore`;'

[MAINLINE] Bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Re: [mainline] Bootstrap failure: gcc/timevar.c:492: Internalerror:Segmentation fault

[mainline] Bootstrap failure: gcc/timevar.c:492: Internalerror:Segmentationfault

[new-regalloc] gcc.c-torture/compile/20000728-1.c at -O1

[Patch] htdocs/install/specific.html outdated

[patch] Re: CVS 20010202 bootstrap error in libjava


[Q]: Can't compile egcs-1.1.2

[Q]: Can't compile gcc-2.95.2

alpha-dec-osf5.0 fixinclude problem

Antigen found VBS/SST virus

ARM bootstrap failures (all configurations)

arm-elf and arm-rtems build failure

arm-rtems/elf -mthumb bad code generated

AW: g++ 2.95.3: throw does zero byte malloc?

bad 3.0 IA32 PIC generation

binutils turns gcc into a cross compiler

Bit manipulation on PowerPC

bootstrap comparison failure on mainline

Bootstrap error on Redhat 7.0 with 3.0 branch

Bootstrap fail on powerpc-linux in cse_basic_block (also fancy_abort still doesn't work right)

Bootstrap failure on ia32

Bootstrap failure: /cvs/gcc/gcc/rtl.c:1277: Internal error: Segmentation fault

Re: Bootstrap failure: gcc/cppexp.c:430: structure has no member named `n_true'

Bootstrap failure: gcc/cppexp.c:430: structure has no member named`n_true'

Bootstrap failure: i386.c:8753: invalid type argument of `->'

Bootstrap failure: java/mangle_name.c, tm.h and insn-codes.h: Nosuch file or directory

Re: Bootstrap failure: java/mangle_name.c, tm.h and insn-codes.h:No such file or directory

Bootstrap failure: objdir=srcdir, FreeBSD make

Bootstrap failures on an i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bug in bitset (g++ 2.95.2)

Bug in exception handling

bug in g77

Bug in installation of cross-compiler for MIPS.

Bug in Objective-C compiler found

Bug in the mangler of the new ABI (both 3.0 and 3.1)

Bug Report

Bug with gcc-2.95.2 with -O causing link failure

bug: trashed register.

bug? cannot copy const array

building proper .so file for JNI

C++ ICE with g++-20010204

C++ templates troubles

Re: c++/1687: Extreme compile time regression from 2.95.2

c++/1830: Singletons are buggy

c++/1833: inlining sometimes causes incorrect behavior

c++/1835: toplevel cv-qualifiers considered in finding best viable function

c++/1837: Internal compiler error found

c++/1838: g++ gives an internal compiler error in grokdeclarator

c++/1841: Incorrect error: invalid use of member '' in static member function

Re: c++/1841: Incorrect error: invalid use of member '' in staticmember function

c++/1842: when using regparm-attribute on function pointer, it affects previous function pointer too

c++/1843: Segmentation fault during try/catch exceptions.

c++/1844: failure to match identical declarations

c++/1862: Segmentation fault caused by compiler generated exit code

c++/1864: another problem with virtual derivation

c++/1869: All C++ program segfault

c++/1870: Legal code does not compile (iterator)

c++/1871: internal compiler error in reg_save

c++/1874: Internal error created trying to cast - possibly incrorrectly - using trait-type classes and explicit 'class' keyword

c++/1875: G++ fails compiling simple STL code

c++/1876: class template within a namespace

c++/1877: gcc-20010122 and gcc-20010205 cause linker errors with static const int

c++/1878: C++ 2.95.[23] gets an internal compiler error on IRIX 6.5.x

c++/1882: Compilation fails when a default constructor appears as the first argument in constructor template.

c++/1883: Function lookup in template constructors fails when using namespace.

c++/1887: internal compilor error ???

c++/1888: #if defined(xor) won't work

c++/1889: error in copy_body_r, at cp/optimize.c:317

c++/1891: Internal compiler error in find_free_reg, at

c++/1896: Seg Fault in qt-2.2.4

c++/1898: problems compiling with varargs

c++/1899: Omitting template arg gives "Internal compiler error"

c++/1900: exception classes, multiple inheritence

c++/1901: class method, when overloaded, hides methods with the same name

c++/1908: Member Template Specialization Bug

c++/1914: parse error at template default arg in ctor

c++/1916: internal compile error 980711

c++/1917: ICE on legal code #283

c++/1919: localefwd.h won't compile with -fno-exceptions

c++/1920: g++ -O1 optimization bug in casting a reference argument

c++/1921: code segment and stack segment are same for executable.

c++/1924: compiler fails to parse valid (I think) construct

c++/1925: should issue diagnostic for pure virtual called in dtor

c++/1927: internal compiler error 980711

c++/1929: template "nested" class problem

c++/1933: configure;make

c++/1934: Crash on bad member name

c++/1935: g++ gives internal compiler error on struct in member template in template class

c++/1936: pseudo-construction and >> operator

c++/1940: No option for turning off reporting of mismatched "{" "}"

c++/1944: Internal error #20010127 - reproducable

c++/1951: fatal when declaring initialized automatic struct containing pointers to method

c++/1952: Compiling a reasonably simple sort routine causes the bug

c++/1959: template copy constructor requires const

c++/1960: const qualified arrays and templates

c++/1962: deducing array types

c++/1966: FOO will not construct with temporary BAR

c++/1969: private delete fails mysteriously

c++/1975: ICE for -O2 compile of nested throw in nested default/switch/conditional/destructor.

c++/1980: Error assigning const array

c++/1981: using declarations in function templates

c++/1983: compiler tells me to submit a bug report for static const declaration.

c++/1985: bare typename inside of template function fails

c++/1988: Compiler produces seg fault message when including checktty.c into a c++ app.

c++/1989: #include <ext/slist> does not work

c++/1990: #include <ext/slist> does not work

c++/1996: Undefined reference to non-virtual thunk when virtual functions from one class are split over two source files

c++/2005: loop in gcc when function has const additional

c++/2009: g++ (-lGLU)

c++/2009: Rename to "All g++ apps linked with -lGLU core dump on startup"

c++/2010: Internal error: Segmentation fault (version 2.97 20010207)

c++/2013: g++ 2.96: typedefs + namespaces + inheritance == problem

c++/2014: error in print_rtl_and_abort, at flow.c:6592

c++/2015: New ICE in snapshot of February 17

c++/2019: Wrong line number in warning

c++/2021: Internal error #378.

c++/2022: Internal compiler error when c function has same name as mangled C++ name

c++/2023: ICE in lookup_template_class

c++/2028: option -finstrument-functions breaks valid code

c++/2038: struct used, int expected

c++/2039: bad code generated for access to unnamed union in base class

c++/2042: Traditional C++ syntax error on id "export"

c++/2043: C++ traditional-cpp refuses to pass a specific pointer to function with void* argument

c++/2044: errant template compilation errors

c++/2045: no warning when a non void function falls through without a return value; bad code generated.

c++/2048: 2.97 20010205 parsing error

c++/2049: gcc 2.95/3.0 gives syntax error

c++/2050: Compiler incorrectly complains about instantiation of template declaration with operator

c++/2052: gcc 3.0 fails to recognize cout << flush;

c++/2053: Static cast from parent to children is working but shouldn't

c++/2055: Legal code rejected by gcc-3, accepted by gcc-2.95 (static array)

c++/2057: bug in global "const" array

c++/2059: Internal compiler error. -- with template code with syntax errors.

c++/2061: g++-3 emits misleading warning

c++/2063: Internal compiler error in `gen_reload_inhi', at ../cc_tools/insn-emit.c:5550

c++/2065: Annoying invalid message on compiler-generated copy constructor -- regression vs. 2.95

c++/2070: syntax error in correct code

c++/2080: g++ runs out of memory if reference parameter is initialized with 0

c++/2081: Zero cast to reference in constructor default parameter causes ICE

c++/2082: g++ defines _GNU_SOURCE by default

c++/2084: LONG_LONG_MAX causes ice in tree_low_cst (namespaces)

c++/2087: ICE during bootstrap of 3.0

c++/2088: Bootstrap 3.0 on i686-linux fails again.

c++/2092: parse error in conjunction with templates

c++/2094: gcc3.1 emits 'sorry, not implemented: use of `ptrmem_cst' in template type unification'

c++/2101: expression in structure initializer in template causes ICE

c++/2104: ice only if debuggging (-g) is enabled

c++/2105: internal compiler error

c++/2108: parse error on legal code.

c++/2110: compile error in function pointer cast (regression from 2.95)

c++/2111: Class derivation over embedded templates

c++/2112: Diagnostic message misleading for binding r-value to non-const reference

c++/2113: Internal compiler error in expand_inline_function, at integrate.c:676

c++/2115: asm bug related to inline function

c++/2117: gcc3.0 cannot return references from conversion operators

c++/2120: error 19990919 occurs in compilation

c++/2121: Parse error

c++/2123: Array initializer

c++/2124: Misleading error message when name conflicts detected

c++/2125: Namespaces are confused by forward-referencing typedefs

c++/2127: namespace problems

c++/2130: problem at compilation when using friend with a template class

c++/2134: GCC build aborts with segmentation fault

Re: c++/383: C++v2,96:member template conversion not implicit

Re: c++/588: defining static data member of template class needs initializer

Re: c++/655: -fno-rtti breaks exception handling

Re: c++/670: 2.91.66, 2.95.2 and 2.96 seem to call too many destructors.

Re: c++/672: gcc treats temporary as rvalue when passing references

Re: c++/708

c/1827: ICE in `reverse_condition' or segfault depending on version

c/1872: bootstrap failure on irix6.5 - identifier "MASK_FLAG64" is undefined

c/1881: gcc -M output has changed--breaks make's automatic prereqs

c/1892: Internal segmentation fault

c/1902: sparc-rtems(elf) fails to compile newlib

c/1909: gcc version 2.97 20010205 (experimental) cannot compile http://www.fftw.org/fftw-2.1.3.tar.gz

c/1910: incorrect long long return value with -O2 optimization

c/1918: A called function incorrectly accesses args in a list of 16 arguments

c/1941: unknow

c/1942: error in do_jump

c/1946: Coinfiguration script ignores --program-suffix parameter

c/1950: GCC cross build fails

c/1955: Linking wrong shared libgcc with mabi=64 on irix6.5

c/1956: Internal compiler error related to nested function/optimisation

c/1964: code generation bug with -gdwarf-2 and -fPIC on x86

c/1965: bootstrap falure with make -j 4 on solaris2.8

c/1977: gcse.o differs

c/1978: gcc 2.95.2 in HP-UX 10.20 with -O2 generates wrong code

c/1979: GCC-20010122 not compiled on alpha osf5.1

c/1982: gcc treating "extern __inline__ asmfn (...) {...}" in <asm/bitops.h> as undefined

c/1984: mis-ordering of op codes causes kernel panic

c/1987: GCC 2.95.2 fails to build under Interix 2.2

c/1994: gcc 2.96 optimisation bug

c/1995: position dependency in asm("" : ... : : )

c/1998: compiler chokes on - as filename

c/2002: problem (?) with variable length arrays extension

c/2011: ICE when compiling current cvs gcc

c/2012: ICE when compiling current cvs gcc

c/2027: gcc crash when compiling at -O1 or higher

c/2029: problem with build for Cygwin

c/2030: misleading warning for -m486

c/2034: boostrap error, CVS gcc, as: unrecognized option `-Qy'

c/2035: Internal compiler error on complex casts. Only with optimisation.

c/2041: incorrect warning message for -m486 option

c/2046: gcc does not allow '-' (stdin) as input

c/2047: Internal compiler error in `require_complete_type', at c-typeck.c:96

c/2051: dwarf2 bug on ia64

c/2085: sparc-sun-solaris2.7 RTL checking bootstrap failure on 3.1 CVS

c/2090: Internal error: Segmentation fault when compiling wref.c with -Os

c/2098: compare with unsigned variable - no error reporting

c/2100: -fstrength-reduce (is active with -O2) produces wrong code

c/2102: no warning when comparing (unsigned int) with (int)

c/2128: [Tru64 UNIX V5.1] gcc testsuite failures: long to long double conversion

Calling non-trivial default copy constructors (c++/2065)

Re: Can't compile gcc-2.95.2

cannot build libjava


combine.c:1670: warning: left shift count >= width of type

compiler failuer on an pentium 90 with debian woody

Re: conditional exec verify_live problem after scheduling

CVS 20010202 bootstrap error in libjava

cvs bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

cvs build-failure for hppa64-hp-hpux11.00

cvs c++-bootstrap failure on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

cvs: hpux-11.0 g++: search of libstdc++ error?

debug info on IRIX is broken

debug/2032: The bugs in libgcc2.c when building x86 to ARM cross compiler

debug/2097: The compiler gives a Segmentation Fault when debug option is passed (-g)

debug/2129: osf1-5.0 gcc 2.95.2 fails with -g flag

Dec 30 patch causes large performance regression on ia64

Dwarf2 Dies on "throw()"

Error in Bug Report c++/1989

Extra constructor debug info

fastjar/Makefile.in is generated by a bad automake

fortran/1832: -list directed i/o overflow hangs, -fbounds-check doesn't detect

fortran/1993: Internal error in gcc 2.95.2

fortran/2018: Sqrt causes ice in emit_move_insn, at expr.c:2718

fortran/2031: ICE in g77.f-torture/compile/20000511-2.f

fortran/2033: -ffixed-line-length-none gives bogus warning

fortran/2073: cannot configure the fortran compiler on my platform

fpermissive and bit-fields

Fresh CVS update bootstrap fails on FreeBSD 4.2

g++ -V2.95.2 does not work

g++ 2.95.3: throw does zero byte malloc?

g++ endless loop

g++ exception_support.h has original_value, but not the compiler

G++ gives ICE on non-initialized static const member

g++ volatile keyword bug in template instantiation?

g++: incorrect implicit copy constructor

g77 bug

g77 file truncation bug

gcc 2.95.2 bug: -O2 -g

gcc 2.95.3-test2 on m68k-openbsd

gcc 2.97 "fixincludes" breaks wnn/commonhd.h

gcc 3.0 and multilibbing

gcc 3.0 function pointer conversion problem.

gcc bug report

gcc is not Working on HP 9000/821/D250 HP-UX 10.20

GCC kernel miscompile with O2

GCC on Alpha internal error.

GCC snapshots + binutils 2.11 CVS won't bootstrap on FreeBSD 2.2.7

gcc's <stdbool.h> is broken

gcc-2.95.2 / SGI 64bit / internal error--unrecognizable insn

gcc-2.95.3.test4 miscompiles calc-2.11.4t2 on PowerPC

gcc-20010122 ice on Blitz++ testuite; compiles .ii files!

gcc-3_0-branch doesn't bootstrap: `inline_max_insns' undeclared


GCC-SH: bug in force_to_mode()

gcj does not build on Solaris (X11 headers incorrect)

h8300-rtems configure problem in libstdc++-v3

heads up: copying libstdc++-v3 PRs

Here you have, ;o)

hpux-11.0: Tree check: expected class 't', have '2' (complex_expr)

HPUX: Did I already mention ...

Re: Hundreds of g++ testsuite failures?

ICE in gen_subprogram_die - gcc 20010122

ICEing on the cake^Wbootstrap

in template class with template parameter base declaring switch jumps wrong

Incorrect code produced with inline functions & assembler

inheritance issue - solaris - simple testcase

Internal compiler error

Internal compiler error with gcj

internal compiler error with typedef in templates

Re: internal compiler error with typeof in templates

Internal error #122 after parse error

Internal error from g++

Internal error generated by g++ (#122)

irix bootstrap fail in mkdeps.c

Is CSE getting more conservative on 2.95.3.test3?

java doesn't build without c++

Java related bootstrap failure: java/mangle_name.c:144: undefinedreference to `error'

Java-related bootstrap failure: sparc-sun-solaris2.8

java/1828: error if function arg list erronously followed by a semi-colon

java/1839: Assembler errors with -fjni

java/1840: unknown encoding: `ISO8859-1'

java/1866: Array initializer: undefined reference to `LJv0.0'

java/1873: Can't see nested type declared in superclass of enclosing context

java/1880: Link failure compiling bytecode from javac

java/1895: Libjava: Arrays.sort doesn't work

java/1912: Segfault when handling segfault = infinite recursion

java/1922: error in java/mangle_name.o undefined

java/1932: Yet another problem resolving qualified method call with inner classes

java/1958: Incorrect error message attempting to access non-final local from local class

java/1970: Can't instantiate local class in static method

java/1991: Tree check: expected class 'e', have 'x' (identifier_node) when compiling Tomcat

java/1992: ICE compiling Tomcat

java/2008: ICE in gcj (no optimization)

java/2026: libjava/gnu/gcj/xlib/natClip.cc:15:18: vector: No such file or directory

java/2040: java.util.Hashtable(int,float) is stricter than sun's version

java/2060: Bug accessing variable in superclass from inner class of subclass. (value is munged)

java/2066: Source parser segfault in resolve_package

java/2068: java --> c++

java/2095: redefinition of symbol ".LLBB0" in assembler output

libgcj/1906: difference between gcj and jdk for MessageFormat

libgcj/1907: symbol demangling by Throwable.printStackTrace

libgcj/1913: reading closed streams throws NullPointerException, not IOException

libgcj/1971: ObjectOutputStream generates incorrect serialVersionUID's for array classes

libgcj/2024: libgcj can abort on bogus arguments to Class.forName()

libstdc++ bug - need help (IRIX)

libstdc++-v3 configuration and check problems under hpux 10.20

libstdc++-v3 won't build on IRIX 5.2

libstdc++/1826: unexpected program crash (only 37 lines of souce code)

libstdc++/1834: istream manipulators and sentry

libstdc++/1884: Some .tcc files not included because _GLIBCPP_NO_TEMPLATE_EXPORT macro is not defined

libstdc++/1885: bits/basic_ios.h does not include bits/basic_ios.tcc

libstdc++/1886: Some .tcc files not includedImplementation missing for __basic_file<> template class.

libstdc++/1893: References to ios_base::iostate not qualified in istream.tcc

libstdc++/1894: typename keyword missing on sentry decls in istream.tcc and ostream.tcc

libstdc++/1897: basic_ostream operators contain non-ISO-standard variable length arrays.

libstdc++/1926: valarray_meta.h: typo line 300

libstdc++/1928: "long long" not handled by "cout"

libstdc++/1930: helper function-macro undefined incorrectly

libstdc++/1953: C++: ambigous overload compile failure

libstdc++/1967: bits/localefwd.h incorrectly uses int instead of size_t in for loop.

libstdc++/1968: bits/std_fstream.h fails to define typedef for _ctype_type.

libstdc++/1972: Exceptions classes need to copy string argument.

libstdc++/1986: bootstrap error in CVS gcc libstdc++/libmath/mathconf.h

libstdc++/2017: Member function seekg is wrong

libstdc++/2020: fstream initialization seg-faults if global locale is missing required facets

libstdc++/2037: ostrstream, string & vector delivers 'garbage' output with cout

libstdc++/2054: g++-3 rejects legal code, accepted by g++-2.95.2 (functors)

libstdc++/2064: config/os/irix/bits/ctype_base.h incompatible with IRIX 5.3

libstdc++/2067: bootstrap failed: `alloca' undeclared

libstdc++/2071: cin bug on solaris 2.6

libstdc++/2079: iostream.h needs more using declarations

libstdc++/2086: bootstrap error, libstdc++-v3/src/local.cc: op -

Re: libstdc++/2086: bootstrap error, libstdc++-v3/src/local.cc: op -

libstdc++/2089: Problems with namespaces and exceptions (std::range_error)

libstdc++/2103: No support for wchar i/o

m68k -mcpu32 current CVS crashes

m68k-elf CVS internal compiler error

Mainline doesn't bootstrap on i686-linux

make distclean fails for libstdc++-v3 and srcdir==objdir

Re: middle-end/1719: Abort in local-alloc.c

middle-end/2116: ICE in reload

mips-rtems failure

mips/mips.h bug with WCHAR_TYPE?

Missing warning (gcc version 2.97 20010122)

Missing warning message

more on arm-elf/arm-rtems

Mysterious namespace and typedef interactions

Nasty Parse error gcc-2.96 and 2.97 (1/2)

Nasty Parse error gcc-2.96 and 2.97 (2/2)

New bootstrap failure on irix6 on reload1.c

New Objc Test Failures Revealed on mips-sgi-irix6.5

new-regalloc performance

objc failures on branch

optimization/1831: -fprofile-arcs and -fbranch-probabilities don't get along

optimization/1836: ICE with long double && -O2 && -funroll-all-loops

optimization/1867: ICE in compilation of java/lang/k_tan.c

optimization/1868: ICE in print_rtl_and_abort, at flow.c:6592

optimization/1931: Alpha->68K cross produces dough floating point instruction

optimization/1945: flow.c:3790 ICE Patch Prologue contains dead register sets

optimization/2001: Inordinately long compile times in reload CSE regs

optimization/2016: -O _AND_ -funroll_all_loops causes segfaults on PPC

optimization/2025: ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2227

optimization/2072: SPARC leaf function loses %l7 contents spuriously

optimization/2076: scheduler ignores data dependency

optimization/2077: __builtin_frame_address(2) emits wrong codes.

optimization/2078: Internal compiler error in print_rtl_and_abort, at flow.c:6592

optimization/2091: SPARC follow-up to 2072 -- illustrative example

optimization/2093: Internal compiler error emitting DWARF2 for nested functions

optimization/2099: ICE in gen_reg_rtx, at emit-rtl.c:541

optimization/2107: followup to 2072 -- bug details discovered (SPARC, PIC)

optimization/2109: followup #2072 - -ffloat-store negates bug

optimization/2122: Error in openssl

optimization/2131: Wrong result upon returning long long value

Re: optimization/671: Internal compiler error building bzflag with -O2 on

other/1865: struct utsname members are different for g++ and gcc

other/1915: building libgcj/gcj

other/1943: Build failure x86 - CVS as of 12/2/2001

other/1954: problem with gcj

other/1963: collect2 interprets "-oldstyle_liblookup" as "-o ldstyle_liblookup"

other/1973: config.guess failed to determine the host type

other/1974: config.guess failed to determine the host type

other/1999: java_cup VS gcj

other/2003: libgcc ABI

other/2118: Error in Makefile (make -k check)

other/2126: configure script fails with --silent option

PA problem

PATCH: simplify_and_const_int - disable call to force_to_mode

Please, fix include/g++/bits/localefwd.h:399 warning

Pointer type problem (plain C on i386)

preprocessor and gcc specific forms

Preprocessor question...

preprocessor/1890: macro evaluation order prevents termination

preprocessor/1903: cpp (2.95.3) does not create proper dependencies for .c++ source file extensions

preprocessor/1976: different treatment of shift in preprocessor and compiler

preprocessor/2007: gcc has a segmentation fault with defines

preprocessor/2069: Preprocessor defines machine-type=1

preprocessor/2074: cpp doesn't emit builtin macros with -E/-save-temps

preprocessor/2075: cpp doesn't emit builtin macros with -E/-save-temps


Problem with -O2 in gcc 2.95-2 on RS6000 AIX 4.3

A problem with cin or strtod?

Problem with gcc3.0 and fstream.h

Reg-stack and cmove bug


register move costs broken

Required - GCC Manuals for Windows98

RE: Results for 2.97 20010212 (experimental) testsuite on i686-pc -cyg win

Re: RFA - C++ new initializers


scheduling problem on solaris2.6

signed integer overflow

sparc: Cross to sparc; undefined ref to umul

Stop gcc from halting on warnings

Strange bug in GCC 2.95.2 (Linux/I386/Suse7.0

strange bug, alloca suspected

target/1947: gcc for target xscale generates incorrect code when optimization is turned on

target/2004: Internal error on correct code while compiling for ARM

target/2058: gcc 3.1 20010221 will not bootstrap on m68k linux

target/2062: -mcpu=ultrasparc (or -mv9) -O1 with long argument lists and doubles can produce bad code

target/2119: Boostrap fails with i686-pc-solaris2.7 where i386-pc-solaris2.7 works.

template parameters bug

undefined `__terminate_set_func@GCC_3.0'

undefined symbol: __dso_handle

web/1949: can't log to misrnet web site

web/2000: "Cookies not enabled" warning gone from GNATS

web/2036: More broken gcc-cvs links

web/2106: Can't read CVS diffs from gcc-cvs.gnu.org archive

Why warn about #include_next in system headers?

Wish: __builtin_side_effect_free_p, __builtin_lvalue_p

Re: Your List of Search Engines

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